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Journal for Human and Work
Special Adult
Mugla Sitki Kocman Universitesi, Fethiye Isletme Fakultesi
Peer Reviewed
Open Access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The aim of the Journal of Human and Work is to “publish empirical or theoretical studies in all areas of organizational behavior.” The focus here is on material across various levels of analysis, including individuals, groups, and organizations, studying personality, perception, attitudes, values, motivation, stress, emotions, commitment, group structure and size, leadership, power, influence, political behavior, and such issues as change management, performance, job satisfaction, absenteeism, employment, workforce diversity, career, work-life balance, and overall organizational cultures and climates. The main audience for the journal includes scholars, educators, practitioners, and researchers in Business Administration, Management and Organization, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Sciences, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

The editorial board and authors are mostly affiliated with Turkish universities, and many of the groups and individuals studied and reported on in articles are Turkish. However, material here has broader applicability outside the scope of Turkey, as the tables of contents of two recent issues reveal. They include such articles as: “Paternalistic Leadership in Korean Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: Applicability of a Turkish Paternalism Scale,” “The Convergent, Discriminant, and Concurrent Validity of Scores on the Abbreviated Self-Leadership Questionnaire,” “Interactions Among Psychological Capital, Performance, Intention to Quit and Job Satisfaction: Moderating Effect of Gender,” “The Effect of Organizational Attraction and Corporate Reputation on Applicants’ Intention to Join Organization,” “The Subjects and Research Methodologies in Organizational Behavior Field: A Study on National Business Administration Congress Proceedings during 2010-2015,” “Evaluation of Organizational Cynicism on the Basis of Generations: According to Generations What is the Target of Cynicism?,” “A Research on the Relationship between Knowledge Sharing Behaviour and Organizational Culture,” “The Relationship among Leaders’ Perceived Cultural Intelligence, Employees’ Diversity Climate Perception, Employees’ Openness to Experience and Organizational Cynicism: A Research in Tourism Sector,” “A Literature Review for Doctorate Thesis in Organizational Behavior in Turkey,” “A Qualitative Study on the Causes of Organizational Silence,” “Generational Differences: A Myth or Reality?,” and “Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma: An Integrated Model Proposal.”

Given that this is quite a new journal, and the first one on organizational behavior to come out of Turkey, there is already sufficient material of potential interest to researchers and practitioners in organizational behavior for librarians to make this known to those of your users studying in the field.

30 Dec 2015
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