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Academic, Special Adult
Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Matatini ki Otago, New Zealand
Open access
Peer reviewed

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue is an academic open access journal published by Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Matatini ki Otago, New Zealand. It aims to be a “forum for trans-disciplinary discussion, analysis, and critique.” The journal seeks discussions across cultural, disciplinary, economic, geographic, and social boundaries in the arts, humanities, law, medicine, and philosophy. Journal issues are organized around central themes addressing contemporary environments, and themed issues are supposed to appear twice a year, in July and December.

The most recently published issue of Junctures is Number 15, 2012; its theme is “Viral.” The issue includes the Editorial, “Viral: distributed agencies and irreversible change” as well as the Articles, “Open Networks, Distributed Identities: Cory Doctorow and the Literature of Free Culture,” “Illegal Art: Considering Our Culture Of Copying,” “Open source publishing, ‘book sprints’ and possible futures,” “Consume lightly,” “The virus never enters heaven,” “Memory is viral,” and “Responsibilities, Reclamation and Recuperation – the Critical Constructions of Kristin O’Sullivan Peren.” Several of these pieces are brief, free verse poems. I think.

The issue also contains three reviews, one of a book: “Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity in Canada: A Reader, Edited by Martin J. Cannon and Lina Sunseri, Toronto: Oxford University Press Canada, 2011; another of performance art: “Virus.circus.probe. Performed by Micha Cárdenas and Elle Mehrmand at GUTTED. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition (LACE), Hollywood, CA. 19 January 2011; and a third of a “happening”: “‘Memory and the Myth of Communication -“DataFlower for Dunedin” 1998 -Adrian Hall in the Octagon,’” which is described as: “Two hour live action with radio microphone, voice translation software, Powerbook public address system and multi-media. 2000.”

In some cases here the “Viral” theme connection is quite forced; for example, the “viral” aspect of “Open Networks, Distributed Identities: Cory Doctorow and the Literature of Free Culture” seems to be that, “There is something infectious about Cory Doctorow’s writing.” The online archive of Junctures reveals that from 2003 to 2012 at least one issue of the magazine appeared. Now there has been a gap of three years. The journal put out a call for papers in November 2014 for an issue to be arranged around the theme of Light. They seek “submissions on the following: Light in Nature, Light in Culture, Light in Science, Light in Technology, Philosophical, historical and cultural approaches to light, Approaches to light that engage with its emotional and aesthetic impact, Art/science collaborations.” It will be interesting to see if that issue appears.

14 Mar 2015
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