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NewBay Media
$6.99 newsstand, $35/year

Reviewed by: Les Reynolds, editor, ProQuest
Mix, from NewBay Media, encompasses the sound and technology world of recording and live sound engineering, with an increasing lean toward multimedia. Each issue contains new product / equipment reviews, studio profiles, instructional articles and a feature titled “Classic Tracks,” which explains – from an audio engineering perspective - how a specific hit song was created. Each issue also includes a pictorial and explanatory article about how engineers produce optimal live sound for specific performing artists. While interesting and well-written, this magazine is definitely for the professional, as it includes a lot of technical content. Once a reader has the language and vocabulary, it’s not a difficult read.
As an example of content, the May 2014 issue (38/5) explains how best to set up various microphones for different vocal styles and situations. There is an article about how Rodney Crowell and his engineers created his new album “Tarpaper Sky.” Featured product new reviews this time focused on ribbon microphones. And Chris Mara’s Nashville-based Welcome to 1979 sound studio is featured, as well.
For the serious sound engineer who desires a well-rounded source of information, Mix does a decent job.

20 Aug 2015
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