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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

I’m going to state right up front: I love STAND magazine. I love everything about it, from its subtitle (“For men who give a damn about being better men”) to its manifesto (a word cloud of quotes from Cicero, Dostoevsky, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Epictetus, Dickens, Einstein, Socrates, Edison, and e.e. cummings), to the editorial statement that “STAND is a magazine for men who live the Japanese proverb ‘fall seven times, stand up eight.’" It’s a beautifully conceived and heroically implemented publication.

Now to specifics. There’s only one issue so far, but it is packed with substantial content. In his From the Editor introduction to the issue, Dwayne Hayes tells us his personal story -- it explains just why STAND is for men who live the Japanese proverb ‘fall seven times, stand up eight.’ And he invites us to share our thoughts with him directly at That’s followed by a touching piece by Ulf Peter Hallberg, “On Remembering a Father,” then the poem, “Father,” by Ted Kooser, followed by an interview, “On Sex Trafficking in the United States,” with photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Matsui (creator of the award-winning documentary about sex trafficking, The Long Night). That interview is followed by another: “Against Football?” discussing the book, Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, with its author, Steve Almond. Then comes, “The Wisdom of Old Men,” by Keith Taylor, which talks honestly about aging while still feeling the adolescent inside. That’s followed… by so much I can’t describe it all in detail here: there are wonderful photographs, cartoons, memoirs (Christopher Scott Downing’s piece, “A Self-Portrait of Male Depression” is particularly arresting), book and film reviews, humorous pieces… even the ads are inspiring.

With the holidays coming up, I suggest you A. recommend this magazine to anybody and everybody you possibly can, and B. get a subscription for yourself, be you man or woman – you will be glad you did.

30 Nov 2015
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