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UCT Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research
University College of Takestan
Open access
Peer reviewed?

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Harvard University

According to the journal’s website, “The main objective of [the UCT Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research /] UJSSHR is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. UJSSHR aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in Humanities Research and social science and become the leading journal in these fields.” Towards that end, presumably, the journal’s editorial board includes members from around the world, including Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Romania, India, Lebanon, and Iran. Several board members belong to departments of accounting and management; others are in departments ranging from education, media studies, psychology, and social work to physical education.

The emphasis in expertise among members of the board is on finance and management; none of them, as listed, appears to have expertise in the humanities. The stated mission on the journal’s home page of UCT Journals is "To offer first class solutions to academicians seeking information on recent discoveries in all areas of science, through prompt publication of significant advantage and to provide forum for the reporting and discussions of news and issues." This seems to underscore an absence of interest in the humanities.

Under the heading, “Aims and Scopes” a grid appears, apparently listing the subjects of interest for the journal. These include, taken directly from the grid, the following subjects: “Social work, Education, International relations, practice, Social psychology, History, Humanities, Public administration, Women's studies, Economics, Human geography, Family Counseling, Psychology, Sport and leisure, catering, School Counseling, Political science, Hospitality and, Linguistics, Exceptional Children Studies, Statistics and data, Education, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Arts, History, Law, Learning Studies.” It's to be wondered if “catering” was supposed to be included with “Hospitality and”…? There are two links provided under the heading, Submissions: the first, “Submit new paper” leads to a form authors must fill in online to submit a paper; the second, “submit,” leads to exactly the same form.

A first glance at the journal archive seems to indicate that, although three volumes of four issues each have been published (12 total issues), only five of these, from volume 1, issue 4, December 2013, through volume 2, issue 4, December 2014, are available at the site – if one goes by the standard assumption that blue highlighting would indicate a hyperlinked item. However, just to be sure, I moused over all the issue links and discovered that the volume 3, issue 1, March 2015 issue is actually also available. Titles of articles in this issue include: “Evaluate the Effectiveness of Social Skills Training through Group Therapy Play on Reducing Rational Aggression Boy Elementary School Student in Esfahan City,” “Words Without End: Translatability VS Untranslatability in T. S. Eliot’S Poem “Ash Wednesday” (by Mohammad Piri Ardakani, Anita Lashkarian and Mahmoud Sadeghzadeh) and “The Translatability / Untranslatability of Poetics: Eliot's "Ash Wednesday" and its two Persian translations,” (also by Mohammad Piri Ardakani, Anita Lashkarian and Mahmoud Sadeghzadeh; both articles have exactly the same opening sentences, although sections of one have been omitted in the other). Then there is: Article 13, “Critical on Unity Has to Tangible and Fantasies to Mental thoughts The rule Wise and reasonable,” by Mohammad Reza Rezaei Rad and Mohammad Zabihi, followed further down the table of contents by: Article 20, “Critical on Unity Has to Tangible and Fantasies to Mental thoughts The rule Wise and reasonable,” by Mohammad Reza Rezaei Rad and Dr Mohammad Zabihi. Both articles seem to have been translated by automatic translators and are not very coherent.

It is difficult to imagine that actual peer review has taken place with these articles. If it has then the editing leaves much to be desired. The UCT Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research is not recommended in any way for any audience.

31 May 2015
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