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EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

This is not a typical review, because, although this publication is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), it presents barriers to accessing the content. First, it is very difficult to navigate through the website to discover the actual journal contents. Second, accessing articles requires downloading (not an insuperable barrier), but simply to download, this system requires users to sign up through Linked In, Google+, or Facebook, or to create an account which requires your e-mail, and includes the notice: “By signing up, you agree to our terms.” This I didn’t like. Fortunately, before signing up I took a look at those terms, and found they included this section:

“IV. Personal information

EAI does not gather any personal information unless it is provided on a voluntary basis. By completing and sending an order form, or sending an e-mail, a visitor grants EAI permission to save his or her personal information in a database of EAI for the purpose of automated user profiling, customer management, market research and direct mail. Your electronic contact information can be used by EAI for direct e-mail marketing if you have given your advance permission. Your advance permission is not required if EAI uses electronic contact information it has received for delivery of certain products or services for direct e-mail marketing of its own similar products or services. The personal information you provide will be secured with industry standards and technology. The information provided can be transferred for these purposes to companies contractually connected with EAI, but not to 3rd parties for commercial use. You have the right to review your relevant personal information and make corrections if applicable. You can direct your request to review, correct or oppose use of your information to:”

I wasn’t willing to provide my information to them, and got out of the system ASAP, and went back to look at the entry for this title in the DOAJ. I was surprised to see that it was recently added to the DOAJ (“Date added to DOAJ:  5 Jan 2016”), and I was astounded to see on the DOAJ site, under EDITORIAL INFORMATION, the statement, “Time From Submission to Publication: 53 weeks.” Over a year from submission to publication? For an IT journal?

So this review is more of a caveat emptor warning, and to express my surprise and dismay at finding this journal listed in the DOAJ, which is a source I have otherwise come to trust for finding reputable Open Access journals.

29 Feb 2016
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