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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Exchanges: the Warwick Research Journal is dedicated to “the publication of high-quality work by researchers in all disciplines, including early career researchers, or those combining research with academic teaching or other professional employment. The journal welcomes articles from all academic areas, including interdisciplinary research and co-authored papers, in order to encourage intellectual exchange and debate across research communities.”

Exchanges’ editorial team is composed of early career researchers at the University of Warwick. The journal publishes twice a year, with calls for papers going out in April and October of each year (concurrent with the publication of each new issue of the journal). Material is published here in a variety of types, including “Exchanges' - Conversations with...,” “Articles,” “New Approaches to Theatre and Performance Studies,” “Review Articles,” and “Critical Reflections.”

An examination of recent issues reveals how very broad the scope of Exchanges is. For example, there are 'Exchanges' - Conversations with... Professor Alex Callinicos, a political theorist,  Professor Michael Levitt, a biophysicist, and Professor Martin Hairer, a mathematician, as well as such articles as, “‘Speaking to Others' in Nancy Huston’s The Goldberg Variations and Slow Emergencies,” “Anorexia and Its Metaphors,” “Beauty Queens and Hindu Militants: Indian Women’s Negotiation with Neoliberalism and Hindu Nationalism,” “A Troubling Double-Body: Roland Barthes' Relationship with Ancient Greek Mythology and Bunraku,” “Hamlet, Performance and Chaotic Cultural Networks,” “Myths of Male Same-Sex Love in the Art of the Italian Renaissance,” and “Palestinian Refugees: A Gendered Perspective,” among others.

Exchanges seems to have been designed as a vehicle  for early career academics to publish their first academic articles. The journal site includes a Help with Writing section that provides links to journal publishers Taylor & Francis’ online guides for writing and getting published, the Warwick Centre for Applied Linguistics  online advice, campus run academic writing courses and events throughout the year at the Learning Development Centre on the University of Warwick, and, “for those writing their first article,” a link to the website for Warwick’s Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Librarians may want to bring Exchanges to the attention of graduate students as an initial publishing venue.

25 Jul 2016
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