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Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies
University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing
Peer reviewed
Open access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies  (IJPS) is “dedicated to sharing new knowledge and successful applications of Riane Eisler’s partnership paradigm: a new perspective on human possibilities increasingly utilized, explored, and expanded by others.” Understanding the journal’s purpose requires understanding how the editors define partnership studies, as follows:

“Partnership Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary field inspired by Albert Einstein’s observation that no problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it, and by the research of systems scientist Riane Eisler. Eisler developed a new method of analysis called the study of relational dynamics. Unlike other analyses of society, this methodology focuses not only on the “public” sphere of politics, economics, education, and religion, but also on the “private” sphere of parent-child and gender relations, and how these two spheres interact. This integrative approach has led to a new conceptual framework that transcends conventional social categories such as right vs. left, religious vs. secular, and Eastern vs. Western, to describe the mutually supporting and reinforcing institutions and beliefs of the partnership model and the domination model. The configuration of the domination model supports relations consisting of top-down hierarchies of domination maintained by fear and force -- man over man, man over woman, race over race, religion over religion. The configuration of the partnership model supports relations of mutual respect, accountability, and benefit, as well as hierarchies of actualization in which power is employed to empower rather than to disempower others in all relations, from intimate to international. Orientation to one or the other of these two underlying social possibilities is always a matter of degree -- a partnership / domination continuum. Accordingly, Partnership Studies analyzes social institutions and beliefs from the perspective of where they fall on the partnership/domination continuum, illuminating how they affect all aspects of life and every social institution, from the family, education, and religion to politics, economics, and mass media.”

IJPS was developed through a partnership among the Center for Partnership Studies, the University of Minnesota Libraries, and the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing publishes the journal.

The most recent issue available for review is Volume 3, Issue 2 (2016) Spring/Summer, guest edited by Licia Rando. The issue offers a From the Guest editor piece, “Partnership Cultures: Beginning at the Beginning through Parenting”; “A Conversation with Brie Mathers: Learning To Value Our Bodies and Our Selves”; three articles: “Creativity, Society, and Gender: Contextualizing and Redefining Creativity,” “Seven Lessons in Partnership: How a Hospital and a Happiness Organization Teamed to Decrease Practitioner Burnout, Increase Practitioner Well-Being and Improve Patient Satisfaction,” and “Rapid City Collective Impact: A City-Wide Effort to Create Quality of Life for All Its Citizens”; the Community Voices piece, “Cultivating Partnership Culture and Gender Equality: The 2016 Naval Academy Roundtable”; two media reviews: “Media Review: Mindful Leadership: A Guide for the Health of Care Professions” and “Media Review: Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Design: A Resource for Nurses and Interprofessional Partners”; and an Artist’s Statement about the cover art for the issue.

The case studies described here may be useful to healthcare professionals. Of potential interest to researchers and practitioners of organizational dynamics and wellness / mindfulness studies.

29 Jun 2016
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