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James Baldwin Review
Manchester University Press
Peer reviewed
Open access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The James Baldwin Review (JBR) publishes scholarly articles on the work of the essayist, playwright, and novelist James Baldwin, as well as a review of recent Baldwin research material and “an award-winning graduate student essay.” The stated aim of the journal is “to provide a vibrant and multidisciplinary forum for the international community of Baldwin scholars, students, and enthusiasts.”

A single issue, for 2015, has been published thus far. In it there’s an introductory essay (“Baltimore is Still Burning: the Rising Relevance of James Baldwin”), four essays (‘“But Amen is the Price:” James Baldwin and Ray Charles in “The Hallelujah Chorus”’, “After Decolonization, After Civil Rights: Chinua Achebe and James Baldwin,” “Prophecy and Doubt in Just Above My Head,” and ‘“Here Be Dragons:” The Tyranny of the Cityscape in James Baldwin’s Intimate Cartographies), three Dispatches (““I’m Trying to be as Honest as I Can:” An Interview with James Baldwin (1969)”), “James Baldwin: Voyages in Search of Love,” and “Going to Meet James Baldwin in Provence”), a bibliographic essay (“Reading and Theorizing James Baldwin: A Bibliographic Essay”), two conference reviews (“Exploring Baldwin in Montpellier: The 2014 “James Baldwin: Transatlantic Commuter” Conference” and “Review of New York City’s “The Year of Baldwin”’), a Forum: Critical Conversations in Progress (“James Baldwin and the Question of Privacy: A Roundtable Conversation at the 2014 American Studies Convention”), and a multimedia feature of two videos: “Evoking Baldwin’s Blues: The Experience of Dislocated Listening” and “Sonny in the Dark: Jazzing the Blues Spirit and the Gospel Truth in James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”).

Material here is very high quality and well-researched. This is an essential OA title for Baldwin scholars.

16 Oct 2016
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