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Journal of Patient Experience
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Published by the Association for Patient Experience, the Journal of Patient Experience (JPE) is dedicated to “presenting advances and applications that impact the patient experience. It also serves as a forum to share ideas from industry leaders, caregivers, patients and family members.” Published in both print and electronic format, the journal uses the OnlineFirst system, by which forthcoming articles are published online before they appear in print.

The most recently-available full issue of the journal is the March 2016; 3 (1) issue, containing an editorial by Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA; the Special Interest article, “How I Combined Perseverance and Knowledge to Acquire My Cure for Hepatitis C and Beyond: A Patient Perspective”; three Research articles: “Association Between Medicare Summary Star Ratings for Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes in US Hospitals,” “Physician and Parent Perspectives on Psychosocial and Emotional Data Entry in the Electronic Medical Record in a Pediatric Setting,” and “Evaluations of Neurologists by Their Patients and Residents Are Inversely Correlated”; the Case study, “Transitions of Care Model Inclusive of Unplanned Care Improves the Patient Experience”; and two Perspectives pieces: “Student Perspectives With a High-Utilizing Patient” and “Quiet Lessons.”

The material to be found here is remarkable. For instance, the Perspective piece, “Quiet Lessons” describes a husband’s vigil by his wife’s bedside – it takes some days for the doctor to zero in on the cause of her infection, during which the husband sits quietly by his wife each day, reading to her. It is only when she starts to improve that the doctor has a conversation with the husband that reveals the agony he has suffered watching his wife suffer, and his relief once the doctor acknowledges his wife’s setbacks but assures him she is now getting better. As the doctor expresses it so eloquently, “Only when starting the daily update from his emotional place was I finally able to provide him the relief that was rightfully his that day.” The Special Interest article, “How I Combined Perseverance and Knowledge to Acquire My Cure for Hepatitis C and Beyond: A Patient Perspective” details the emotional, physical, and intellectual journey of a patient who has been “captured” by the virus yet fights his way through to a sort of cure (but a definite victory).

Even the research articles here are accessible and inspiring. Highly recommended for all libraries serving patients, caregivers, and health care providers -- that is, for all libraries!

29 Jun 2016
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