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Live Happy
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Live Happy, LLC

Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Research & Instruction, Northeastern University Libraries, Boston, MA

Doesn’t everybody want to be happy? On consulting a thesaurus, synonyms of "happy" include: contented, joyful, upbeat, can’t complain, or walking on air. But how does one LIVE in such a state? This is explained in the message from the co-founder and editorial director of Live Happy in a recent issue of the magazine. When she founded the magazine in 2013, the question she wanted to answer was “How do you flourish?” The question -- and its answer -- came from Flourish, a book by psychologist Martin Seligman. Five pillars, or principles, needed to flourish are “positive emotion, engagement, good relationships, meaning and purpose in life, and accomplishment.”

In Live Happy, practical advice to follow these principles is provided with articles such as, “33 Ideas to Flourish at Work” a list of tips and facts for a variety of work situations. Possible ways to find meaning and purpose in life may be found in “Commit to a Cause (or Two!)” and in interviews with Mario Andretti, who is “Living His Passion at Full Speed” and with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who talks about his work. “The Modern Family star juggles 40 roles on Broadway, voices a llama in the new Ice Age movie and recently launched a food blog. Taking risks, he says, is his key to happiness.” He notes “As everyone does, I always want to live in a place of utmost happiness.... But that’s just not possible. There are going to be times when you feel really down and times when you feel like the world is against you and it’s impossible to accomplish things, and you wonder if you’re ever going to be as happy as you want to be again. I’ve learned that even in those down times happiness still exists within you. You just need to be OK with the shift.” Non-celebrities get into the act in “Happy Days are Here” with pictures from International Day of Happiness celebrations all over the United States, and in Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. The article also exhorts readers to Download our digital edition and go to for more photos.

In addition to the uplifting stories, there are articles about “Moving Beyond the Problem” where research suggests “focusing on a problem has value, but getting trapped there leaves us stressed and decreases our ability to fix it.” The article offers steps to move forward and to become more solution-focused. And in “Make-A-Wish: Where Science and Hope Meet” we meet people who have had their wish fulfilled. “The role of a wish is to add fuel, since a positive outlook and improved health go hand-in-hand.... It’s one of the circles of life--you can’t have one without the other. But that constant cycle needs energy and inspiration to keep going, and a wish experience is a powerful source of that positive energy.” A healthful approach to flourishing is discussed in “Nutrients We Need: Don’t Forget Zinc and Vitamin B12 for a Healthy Body and Brain.” There’s even a recipe for a nutrient-dense Quinoa-Mushroom Frittata with Fresh Herbs.

If six issues per year are not enough, readers can follow Live Happy on social media, including Facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, and podcasts from Live Happy is a magazine I recommend you pick up and take a good look at: it could change your life.

25 Jul 2016
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