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Rural Landscapes
General Adult, Academic
Stockholm University Press
Peer Reviewed
Open Access with APCs

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History is dedicated to interdisciplinary landscape research. It aims to be “a leading academic forum for the blending, contrasting and bridging of historical and contemporary landscape studies and environmental and societal perspectives on rural landscape change in all parts of the world.” The editors seek contributions from a broad range of interdisciplinary research fields, such as historical ecology, historical geography, landscape ecology, landscape studies, palaeo-ecology, political ecology, and rural development. Interestingly, “prehistoric, historic and contemporary landscape processes or all combined as well as local, regional and global perspectives are all equally welcome[d]” by the editors.

Unfortunately, not much has yet been published here. The three available volumes (2014, 2015, 2016) offer the Editorial: “Open Access to Rural Landscapes!,” the
Research articles: “Woodland Dynamics as a Result of Settlement Relocation on Pleistocene Sandy Soils in the Netherlands (200 BC–AD 1400),” “Economic Specialisation, Resource Variability, and the Origins of Intensive Agriculture in Eastern Africa,” “Historic Landscapes Without History? A Reconsideration of the Concept of Traditional Landscapes,” and “Cross-cutting Ties and Coexistence: Intermarriage, Land Rentals and Changing Land Use Patterns among Maasai and Kikuyu of Maiella and Enoosupukia, Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya,” and the Commentaries: “The Continuing Significance of Rural Landscapes in the Urban Century” and “Human Niche Construction and the Rural Environment.” That’s all.

Given the changes that have taken place in spaces over the millennia one would hope more material will make its way into this journal. For now, it’s a highly niche title and highly, highly specialized.

31 Mar 2016
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