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Sleep Science
Associacao Brasileira do Sono
Peer reviewed
Open access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Widener Library, Harvard University

Since 2007, Sleep Science has published papers investigating sleep, chronobiology, and related fields of research. Unfortunately,  I experienced difficulty with the publication as soon as I tried to access it via the URL given me by DOAJ: I got to the journal Home page, but when I clicked the Issues/Articles link, I got access to only volumes 1 through 7 of the journal, ending in 2014. A quick lookup in Ulrichsweb revealed that it went into PubMed Central beginning in 2014, and a search there found the “Free PMC Article” designation on each Sleep Science article. Whew!

So then I took a look at what’s in there, and found amazing stuff (full disclosure: I have sleep apnea and have had a CPAP machine for many years, so I’m – admittedly – intrigued by the subject matter). There’s the 2016 article, “Caffeine intake has no effect on sleep quality in community dwellers living in a rural Ecuadorian village.” And “Franz Kafka: An emblematic case of co-occurrence of sleep and psychiatric disorders” (I haven’t yet awakened to find myself a cockroach, but one never knows…). And there’s “Interactions between sleep, stress, and metabolism: From physiological to pathological conditions” and “Effects of sleep reduction on the phonological and visuospatial components of working memory.” I could go on and on, and did go on and on browsing through this superb journal. The content is exceptional as is coverage of sleep-related issues. Authors are authoritative experts from around the world, as is the editorial board.

Aimed at physicians, this is a must-have resource for health professionals working in the area of sleep disorders and sciences. I’m grateful it’s freely available through PubMed Central.

28 Nov 2016
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