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Tourism Leisure and Global Change
General adult, Special adult
International Geographical Union
Peer reviewed
Open access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Tourism, Leisure and Global Change is, in effect, the "collective Proceedings to publish papers, presentations and abstracts for all academic meetings for which the Commission on the Geography of Tourism, Leisure and Global Change of the International Geographical Union is an official sponsor. These include IGU congress and regional meetings, as well as other more topically focused meetings."

Issues may include Research Articles, Paper Abstracts, Conference Programs, Presentation Slides, News of the IGU Tourism Commission, and other articles as appropriate, including Book reviews, Research notes and Case studies." Contents of the current issue available (volume 3 for 2016) include such material as: "Conference Program - Lombok, Indonesia, 29-31 July 2015," "Linking interpretations with amenities: Educating visitors in volcanic environments," "Cameron Highlands Discovery Centre: Tourist acceptance and perception," "Travel experiences and behavioural intentions of the tourists: A study on eastern province of Sri Lanka," and "Is rural tourism important to Malaysian tour operators?"

As can be seen from the sample articles listed, this is a very niche title that will likely be of interest to members of the Commission on the Geography of Tourism, Leisure and Global Change, International Geographical Union.

21 Aug 2016
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