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Women's Golf Journal
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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Research & Instruction, Northeastern University Libraries, Boston, MA

Golf is often depicted in print and media as strictly for men and the old boys’ network. In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Golf Searches For Its Feminine Side” is subtitled, “A New Study Sheds Light on Why Women Get Turned Off  By the Game. For Starters: Clean the Bathrooms, Add Flowers.” Then there are the magazines for the sport, which generally focus on ways to improve one’s swing, or recommendations for the best equipment with little encouragement for the beginner and even less on the total experience.
When the first issue of Women’s Golf Journal was published, one golf blog post announced, “Finally… a women’s golf magazine for the everyday golfer!” The premiere issue is a lifestyle magazine (not just about golf) for all levels of golfers. While there are feature articles about golf in Hawaii, a paradise found, or discussing the question, “why there are only two Muslim women golfers playing the professional tour”  there also are articles about breast cancer, how to ask for a pay raise, choosing wines, and recipes.
To reach newcomers there are interviews with golfers who talk about their introduction to the game. In the Editor’s Word, Editor in Chief Meghan Glennon talks about how “I fell in love with golf before I ever picked up a club.” In an interview with actress and entrepreneur, Cara Santana, she discusses her early introduction to and love of the game through her father, “It was a bonding experience, it was something fun . . . . he really created a love of the sport.” More experienced golfers will enjoy the articles about the founding of the LPGA, tips on “How to Practice” from Maria Palozola, a Top 50 instructor with the LPGA, and “Strength Training for Golf” by Kai Fusser, Annika Sorenstam’s strength coach. Readers will appreciate the combination travel and golf articles: Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley (golf with amenities), Celebration Golf Club in Orlando, Florida which is regularly listed in Golf Digest’s “Top 50 courses for Women,” and “Everything He can do, You can do Better,” with input from Judy Furst, head pro at Tradition Golf Club who “tells us why women can make better golfers than men.” A favorite article is “The Company Golf Day,” with two executives explaining why you should attend: “the objective for these types of outings is relationship-building and networking” and what you could do at the event even if you do not play.
The editorial advisory board for Women’s Golf Journal reflects a true depth of expertise, with input from professional golfers, such as LPGA players Annika Sorenstam, Azucena Maldonaldo and Paula Creamer, Golf Channel host, Kelly Tilghman, and LPGA Commissioner, Michael Whan.  Content for the first issue is available at the website with an inviting link to Subscribe. Additional input is available through the magazine’s Facebook and Twitter feed. This is a beautifully-presented publication with inclusive appeal—something for everyone.

31 Mar 2016
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