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Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Lifelong Learning
Informing Science Institute
Peer reviewed
Open Access
Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Skills and Lifelong Learning (IJELL) publishes scholarly articles on “e-skills for the lifelong learners e.g., beyond traditional and academic schooling and throughout adult life.” The journal’s stated mission is to “promote innovative scholarly research that covers aspects of online, browsing, big data, analytics and other pertinent technologies for adult learners' literacies and e-skills. This implies the application of an appropriate pedagogy approach to enhance such efforts.”

The current, 2017 issue of IJELL contains six articles at the time of this review: “Medical Community of Inquiry: A Diagnostic Tool for Learning, Assessment, and Research,” “Making Sense of the Information Seeking Process of Undergraduates in a Specialised University: Revelations from Dialogue Journaling on WhatsApp Messenger,” “Acquisition among Migrant Women English Learners,” “The Impact of e-Skills on the Settlement of Iranian Refugees in Australia,” “Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills through Problem-Solving Games in Secondary Schools,” and “Let’s Tell a Story Together.” Perusal of these articles revealed that some had questionable methodologies with limited participant samples, while several were verbose, with awkward phrasing and grammatical errors needing more editing. The quality of results was poor in some, with unclear tables and non-scholarly, amateurish writing and typographical errors.

Overall, IJELL gives the impression of being an open access journal developed as a means for academics to be published, rather than to communicate original or substantial scholarly contributions. Not recommended.
15 Sep 2017
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