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Academic, Special adult
McGill University
Open access
Peer reviewed
Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, research librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The International Journal of Whole Person Care aims to publish “work that harmonises the power of modern biomedicine with the potential for healing of every person who seeks the care of a healthcare practitioner.” The journal’s focus is based on the premise that “in situations in which treatment is unable to modify the disease outcome, it may be possible to create a space in which healing can occur.” It’s publishing sponsor, the Programs in Whole Person Care at McGill, “therefore seek[s] to integrate the physical aspects of personhood along with the psychological, cultural, social and existential/spiritual ones, and to respond to suffering experienced by the whole person within his or her particular context…” and so the journal “showcase[s] the efforts of healthcare professionals and their patients, researchers and others working on these issues from a transdisciplinary perspective around the world with the aim to treat the person holistically with dignity and compassion…, also encompass[ing] the whole person of the practitioner based on the postulate that well professionals foster well-being in those they serve.” [from the journal’s website] Issues contain, variously, an editorial, theoretical papers, empirical studies, case studies / narratives, the Clinician’s Art (stories from actual clinical cases), book reviews, and commentaries. Periodically, abstracts and posters from International Congresses of Whole Person Care are included, as well.

The journal’s editorial board includes faculty members from McGill’s Programs in Whole Person Care, along with faculty and healthcare practitioners from other prestigious institutions. Issues are organized around a theme. These have included: The Impact of Technology on Whole Person Care; Psychiatry in the 21st century – Orientations and Options; Healing in Western Medicine; Whole Person Care: More Than Just A New Name; Whole Person Care and Family Medicine; Tending to Mortals; and See It, Do It, Teach It – Or Be It? Contributions are well-researched and articulately written, adding substantially to the literature of wellness in healthcare. Recent items include “Reflections on Technology and Its Impact on Cardiac Patient Care,” “Who experiences depressive symptoms following mindfulness-based stress reduction and why?,” “Healing environments that facilitate medical student training: from urban to rural settings,” and “Touching the compassionate heart: the ground of healing.” All of these aptly consider issues contributing to creating spaces in which healing can occur.

This excellent open access journal will be very useful for medical practitioners, students in healthcare programs, and general readers interested in maintaining mindful, healthy lifestyles, and it’s to be hoped librarians will make them aware of it.
18 Oct 2017
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