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Language Documentation and Conservation
University of Hawaii, Department of Linguistics
Peer reviewed
Open access
Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Harvard University

Language Documentation & Conservation (LD&C) is published  by the University of Hawai‘i Press, and is sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Hawai‘i. Kenneth L. Rehg, founding editor of the journal, in his article, “The Founding of Language Documentation & Conservation” [LD&C, Vol. 11 (2017), pp. 6-7], defines language documentation as “the creation, annotation, preservation and dissemination of transparent records of a language… where that record is understood explicitly to include description and analysis of the language, including the production of a grammar and a dictionary.”  The article notes that, “[language] conservation can be defined as a careful preservation and protection of something; planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect…, [and] an inclusive term that encompasses language revitalization, language maintenance, language resurrection, language perpetuation, language restoration, etc. All of these activities are undertaken in efforts to sustain – that is, to conserve – vulnerable and endangered languages.”

LD&C therefore publishes papers on topics related to language documentation and conservation, including: the goals of language documentation; data management; fieldwork methods; ethical issues; orthography design; reference grammar design;  lexicography; methods of assessing ethnolinguistic vitality; biocultural diversity; archiving matters; language planning; areal survey reports; short field reports on endangered or underdocumented languages; reports on language maintenance, preservation, and revitalization efforts; as well as reviews of software, hardware, books, and data collections. Media is embedded in some articles. The journal is indexed in Linguistic Bibliography, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Emerging Sources Citation Index, Web of Science, and Linguistics Abstracts, and has an editorial board of international scholars.

The most recent volume, Vol. 11 (2017), holds two LD&C 10th Anniversary articles, “LD&C possibilities for the next decade,” and “The Founding of Language Documentation & Conservation”; as well as the regular issue articles, “Language Vitality among the Mako Communities of the Ventuari River,” “Earbuds: A Method for Analyzing Nasality in the Field,” “Some principles for language names,” “The IATH ELAN Text-Sync Tool: A Simple System for Mobilizing ELAN Transcripts On- or Off-Line,” and “Toward a linguistically realistic assessment of language vitality: The case of Jejueo.” As these articles illustrate, this excellent, highly-specialized title will be of interest mainly to linguistic scholars and is recommended to libraries supporting their research.
09 Apr 2017
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