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Universitatea Pedagogica de Stat "Ion Creanga"
Peer reviewed
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

PLURAL: History, Culture, Society aims to be an “academic forum and “meeting point” for the new generation of scholars in the field of the humanities and social sciences…, foster[ing] the publication of high-quality articles and reviews concerning topics related to East- and Southeast-European history and society that had attracted little research interest.” It is the editors’ expressed intent to “promote a critical approach towards historical sources, going against certain enduring and entrenched myths and stereotypes, which are directly connected to politically biased historical interpretations…, and also aim at initiating an academic “dialogue” that would transcend the established disciplinary boundaries.” The editors plan to attempt to “go beyond the limits of our particular geographical setting, taking into account the European and global context.”

The editors are all based at the “Ion Creangă” Pedagogical State University, Chișinău, in the Republic of Moldova, while the editorial board includes members from Romania, Canada, Russia, France, and the United States. Articles are written in Romanian, English, French, German, and Russian.

An examination of the most recently published issue of Plural illustrates what is to be found in it. The Vol. IV, no. 2, 2016 issues includes the Articles/ Studii: “Monede, castre şi schimburi comerciale în peninsula Balcanică (sec. VI – începutul sec. VII), “Transnational and entangled histories of National Socialism? The Turkish dimension of German interwar,” “Советская политика организованной миграции. Пример Молдавской ССР (1940-1971 гг.). Часть I: 1940-1941, 1944-1956 гг,” “Rape in World War II film: comparing narrations,” “Как помнят Великую Отечественную в Армении: некоторые наблюдения,” “Leonid Brezhnev in Moldavia, 1950-52: the making of a GenSek?,” “Cultul personalității lui Nicolae Ceaușescu reflectat în marcarea unor sărbători naționale și internaționale,” and “Scurtă istorie critică a relaţiilor bilaterale dintre România şi Republica Moldova (1991-2016)”; the Interviews/ Interviuri: “Interviu cu Elena Crudu despre deportările din 1949 (Lilia Crudu), “Диктатура пролетариата – это форма насилия, революция – это форма насилия: 100 лет русской революции 1917 года. Интервью с профессором Юрием Слёзкиным, Калифорнийский университет в Беркли (Sergiu Musteață),” “May 2017 be less wild than 1917”  -- Interview with professor Norman M. Naimark, Stanford University (Svetlana Suveică, Sergiu Musteață), and “People who want to live in a more liberal world need to push for it strongly” -- Interview with Professor Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University (Sergiu Musteață); the Book Reviews/ Recenzii: Andrew Wilson & Miko Flohr (Eds), Urban Craftsmen and Traders in the Roman World, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 (Sergiu MUSTEAȚĂ), Paul A. Shapiro, The Kishinev Ghetto, 1941–1942. A Documentary History of the Holocaust in Romania’s Contested Borderlands. With chronology by Radu Ioanid and Brewster Chamberlin and translations by Angela Jianu. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 2015 (Svetlana SUVEICĂ), Vladimir Beșleagă, Tata Vasile în 73 de episoade și XIV scrisori. Memorii, Chișinău: Cartier, 2015 (Vladimir BULAT),   Kate Brown, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Disasters (New York and London: Oxford University Press, 2013 (Lynne VIOLA), Ангел Николов, Васил Кэдринов, Валентина Маринова, Христоматия по литература за 12 клас «Забранените писатели». София: Център «Хана Аренд», 2013 (Ivan DUMINICA); and Scholarly life pieces / Viața științifică: Ion STĂVILĂ (Moldova), Cu privire la sursele conflictelor internaţionale contemporane. Lecție inaugurală a anului academic 2016-2017, 1 septembrie 2016, Seminar: Minderheiten, Frozen Conflicts und die Östliche Partnerschaft in Moldau und der Ukraine. Staatliche Pädagogische Universität „Ion Creanga“, 24. – 30. Juli 2016. (Sebastian SCHÄFFER), Summer Study Trip “The medieval fortresses in Germany: comparative analysis in the context of heritage preservation and museum education”, August 1-12, 2016. (Andrei STRATAN),  Conferinţa „Republica Moldova și România: proiecte, interacțiuni, reprezentări (1991-2016)”, Chișinău, 9 septembrie 2016 (Sergiu MUSTEAȚĂ), and Conferinţa „Educaţia privind drepturile omului/copilului: obiective, finalităţi şi realităţi”, ediția a II-a, Chișinău, 9 decembrie 2016, (Iosif MOLDOVANU).

Librarians may want to bring this title to the attention of East- and Southeast-European scholars whom they serve.

01 May 2017
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