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Tobacco Prevention and Cessation
Ac, Sa, Ga
EU European Publishing
Open access
Peer reviewed

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Appearing since 2015, Tobacco Prevention & Cessation is the online only, official journal of ENSP, the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention. Its aim is to ”foster, promote and disseminate research involving tobacco use, prevention, policy implementation at a regional, national or international level, disease development- progression related to tobacco use, tobacco use impact from the cellular to the international level and finally the treatment of tobacco attributable disease through smoking cessation” and essentially, “to promote a tobacco free society.” It has a globally-based editorial board of experts drawn from governmental posts, NGOs, academic institutions, and special associations dedicated to the study and eradication of tobacco use. There are no author submission or open access fees for 2018 as the journal is supported by an ENSP operating Grant from the European Commission. The journal has commendable sections on Authorship and Conflicts of Interest, a Principles of Transparency Checklist, a Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement, and is published on a continuous schedule.

Material to be found here includes Editorials, Research Papers, Review Papers, Short Reports, Policy Case Studies, Study Protocols, Industry Monitoring Letters, Letters to the Editor, and Conference Proceedings. The journal has alphabetical Keyword, Topic, and Author indexes,  and features a Most Read section with links to the most popular articles published. Readers can also sign up for email alerts about material of interest.

The quality of the research is very good, with scholarship that will be useful to practitioners and researchers worldwide. The different types of material make this journal content especially rich. Here are just a few recent articles, papers, and letters: “Very unsuccessful attempts to quit: examining correlates in the 13 countries where almost 2/3 of smokers live,” “Acute effects of short term use of e-cigarettes on airways physiology and respiratory symptoms in smokers with and without airways obstructive diseases and in healthy non smokers,” “Effectiveness of Mobile Apps for Smoking Cessation: Α Review,” “A geo-view into historical patterns of smoke-free policy coverage in the USA,” “Social determinants of tobacco use: Towards an equity lens approach,” and “Tobacco ads in the new ‘Webtoon’ media.”

Tobacco Prevention & Cessation is another example of how open access publishing can provide outstanding support to researchers worldwide, immediately and freely. Highly recommended.

05 Dec 2017
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