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With the end of every year comes a time of reflection, and a time of anticipation for the year ahead.

At the start of the year, we set out to make it easier for researchers to discover our content and improve the interoperability of the ProQuest platform with other ProQuest services.  Here's an update on the progress we made.

Data sharing with discovery service providers:

-- ProQuest content added to the Summon Index: Over 30 ProQuest collections were added to the Summon Index in 2014, among the highlights are JP Morgan Research, ProQuest Congressional, ProQuest Legislative Insight, ProQuest Statistical Insight, and numerous History Vault collections. Most ProQuest content is discoverable in Summon, and we are adding new collections all the time. The complete list is available here in the ProQuest Support Center (login required).

-- Ex Libris Primo: We announced that ProQuest’s most widely-used databases will be indexed in the Ex Libris Primo Central Index of scholarly electronic resources and will be discoverable in the Ex Libris Primo discovery service.  Among these are our most important resources, including ProQuest Central, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text, the ProQuest SciTech Collection, and many historical digital collections such as Early English Books Online and Periodicals Archive Online.  ProQuest Central is available now and others will be available shortly.  Contact Ex Libris or ProQuest Customer Service if you need assistance with this setup.

-- ProQuest Central and WorldCat Discovery Services: We made 320 million records from ProQuest Central discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services. For mutual subscribers, researchers can seamlessly access the full text associated with those records through the OCLC WorldCat Discovery Service.   Contact OCLC or ProQuest Customer Service if you need assistance with this setup.

ProQuest platform interoperability enhancements:

-- ProQuest Databases, ebrary and ebooks:  We took the integration between your ProQuest databases and ebrary e-book holdings a step further by adding related ebrary ebooks from your library’s collection to the ‘More Like This’ section on the ProQuest platform’s document view pages[SS1].

-- ProQuest Flow:  We added ProQuest Flow to the ProQuest platform’s list of supported reference/citation managers. [HC2]

Coming Soon:
Next year, we will continue to improve the interoperability of ProQuest products and services. We want to ensure that no matter where researchers begin their search, they can discover and connect to your institution’s ProQuest content seamlessly.
Keep watch on the blog for our next post, where we’ll highlight what’s to come in 2015!

11 Dec 2014

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