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The Association of Caribbean University (UNICA) recognized the need in the late 1960s for close cooperation among university and research libraries in their region, so they initiated the first conference of librarians in university and research libraries, which was held in Puerto Rico in 1969. At that conference, the independent Association of Caribbean University and Research Libraries (ACURIL) was voted into existence. Dr. Alma Jordan was elected the first president, Dr. Perez de Rosa the first Vice-President of the Association, and Ms. Vigo-Cepeda, first Secretary-Treasurer.

In 1976, the organization was renamed the Association of Caribbean University, Research, and Institutional Libraries, providing ample space for all information units in the Caribbean. The major objectives of ACURIL are as follows:


  • To facilitate development and use of libraries, archives, and information services, and the identification, collection and preservation of information resources in support of the whole range of intellectual and educational endeavors throughout the Caribbean area
  • To strengthen the archival, library and information professions
  • To unite information workers in them, and to promote cooperative activities in pursuit of these objectives.


ProQuest supported and participated in last year’s event in the Bahamas, and the previous year’s conference in Puerto Rico. This year ProQuest is exhibiting and sharing our newest regional initiatives and product updates in Suriname. Participants are learning about tools and products that make research and discovery simple, efficient, and fun. We feature solutions for your researchers' needs, such as:


  • The ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Publishing programme
  • Summon discovery service
  • Pivot, managing research and funding projects in your organization
  • ebrary, the ebook platform


We plan to attend and continue to contribute to the 46th annual conference, which will be hosted next year in Haiti.  à l'année prochaine…

09 Jun 2015

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