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Meet the man behind driving and leading ProQuest’s cutting edge technology products like Intota, Summon and Books in Print. ProQuest recently named John “JG” Chirapurath as the senior vice president and general manager of ProQuest Workflow Solutions (PQWS). Known for possessing great customer empathy and his ability to develop first-rate talent, I wanted to learn more about ProQuest’s newest leader. I asked him to share some of the business characteristics that he values, his method and approach as a leader and his goals for the workflow solutions team.

He goes by “JG” -- short for John George -- and he has hit the ground running, quickly familiarizing himself with the workflow solutions suite of products and the talented product managers that support them. With passion and enthusiasm for delivering innovative products and excellent customer service, JG is up to the task of leading the strategic development of ProQuest’s technology business.

In his short time in this role, JG has already been an encouraging and inspirational champion for fostering creative ideas within the workflow solutions team. He intends to focus on empowering librarians, students and researchers with transformative library management services and discovery solutions that improve research outcomes.

As a self-proclaimed "incurable optimist," JG’s positive energy is contagious and he pours that energy into his work. He discusses some of his primary principles as a leader and how he plans to harness the innovation of his team to grow the pioneering technology of ProQuest.

“I believe that a strong team starts with exhibiting integrity and building trust. My goal is to foster a culture where people feel valued and empowered to do their best work. I encourage my team to be open, be fearless, and be clear. These qualities are the foundation for taking action, taking risks and being decisive and thus, attempting great things for our customers”

A father of two children (in addition to a dog that’s famous on Instagram and a very resilient 10 year old goldfish) JG’s passionate attitude extends beyond the office. He calls himself a family guy “first and always” as well as a “weekend warrior” with hobbies that include triathlons and cars. JG sleeps only a few hours a night, and as a voracious reader, he takes the time while everyone else is asleep as an opportunity to devour a book a night. In his free time, he enjoys mentoring and advising entrepreneurs and startups. 

JG will be based in our Seattle office and ProQuest is very pleased to have JG join the company, not only as the leader of PQWS but also as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

26 Jun 2015

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