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By Brent Cook, Director of Product Management

As a partner to librarians and a key partner to content holders of all types, ProQuest is a participant in many industry efforts to improve information standards and sharing in the industry. It’s an essential part of our commitment to unbiased access to information and collaborations that make research workflows efficient and seamless.

It is in this spirit that ProQuest supports the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and ProQuest leaders such as Steven Guttman, Senior Director of Product Management, have long standing participation in efforts including the Open Discovery Initiative Standing Committee to help the library industry improve the research and discovery experience.

ProQuest remains committed to meeting and exceeding the standards and recommended practices outlined in the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) to “increase transparency and communications around pre-indexed or ‘web-scale’ library discovery services.”

ProQuest has long held beliefs that go beyond conforming to standards, because we are committed to the spirit that drives those standards which is a spirit of inclusion, including:

Collaboration with varied and diverse content providers and discovery service providers – Provider neutrality which allows comprehensive participation by all content and discovery service providers is in the best interest of all libraries and industry stakeholders.

Democratic discovery with fair and unbiased indexing and linking practices - All content should be treated equally during discovery without favoring any particular content provider or content type over another.

Full transparency and detailed disclosureLibraries, discovery service providers and content providers should be able to access detailed and descriptive content metadata as well as comprehensive usage statistics, metrics and other reporting to gain insight on how their content and discovery services are being utilized.

ProQuest continues to work toward full conformance with NISO RP-19-2014, the recommended practices of NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative. The current ProQuest ODI Conformance Checklist is available at:

ProQuest Discovery Service Provider ODI Conformance Checklist


26 Jun 2015

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