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In collaboration with libraries and publishers around the world, ProQuest will pilot a new ebook acquisition model called “Access-to-Own,” the latest in a series of flexible access models offered by the industry-leading information solutions provider. 

“ProQuest developed DDA to enable librarians to expand access to a large selection of ebooks while only paying for those that are used,” said Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ProQuest Books. “This complementary new model addresses concerns around STL pricing – both for libraries and publishers – by exchanging a higher price point for rentals in return for expenditure toward ownership of books.” 

Recently, ProQuest-sponsored a survey of over 460 librarians -- with the results illustrating the need for DDA’s just-in-case approach to building a comprehensive collection for users. A majority of librarians surveyed use this evidence-based form of acquisition:

- 48 percent using purchase and 21 percent using STL. 

- Over 40 percent of these librarians state their primary reason for choosing DDA is to ensure that their limited budgets better align with patron needs.

The pilot for Access-to-Own will launch in mid-2016, with 14 publishers already signed on and many more expected to participate: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, SAGE, Taylor & Francis Group (which includes Routledge, CRC Press, and Ashgate), Wiley, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, De Gruyter, Guilford Press, John Benjamins, World Bank Publications, University of Pennsylvania Press, Indiana University Press, University of North Carolina Press, University Press of Colorado, and Fordham University Press.

Read the full Press Release for more information. 
04 Nov 2015

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