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Welcome to the July 2015 ProQuest Science and Technology content update, focused on keeping you informed of the journal, grey literature, book, and other material in ProQuest’s science and technology collections. This update contains content changes from April through June 2015, plus the latest news on ProQuest’s redesigned interface and accessing content by way of Google Scholar.

New full text journal coverage (full list available here)

82 ongoing full text scholarly journals, were recently added or resumed coverage in ProQuest’s Science and Technology Collections last quarter. These titles add coverage to your existing holdings in public health, radiology, medical sciences, nursing, allied health, and other medical disciplines.

These recent additions are from publishers all over the world. In fact, of the 82 ongoing full text journals recently added, 64 are from outside of the United States and United Kingdom. Among the highlights are Earth Sciences Research Journal, an impact factored journal published by  the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, from Turkish publisher Aves Yayincilik Ltd. Researchers in engineering and mathematics will benefit from four new ongoing full text journals from Cambridge University Press, including Wireless Power Transfer.

In addition, we’ve also increased our A&I coverage with the addition of 30 titles published by Wiley and Taylor & Francis across various science and technology disciplines.  

Discontinued coverage (full list available here)

Ongoing full text coverage for 31 titles has been discontinued. Full details are provided here. Note, backfile remains for all 31 titles.

ProQuest Interface and Linking Update

ProQuest interface redesign: On August 20th, ProQuest will launch the first in a series of innovations aimed at evolving the foundations of the research experience, empowering librarians and users to reach new levels of success and productivity.   Accessing and working with content on ProQuest ( will be easier and more intuitive than ever before. From a redesign of pages for a better reading experience to improved mobile access, these changes help researchers complete their tasks with new levels of success and productivity. Changes will occur automatically and require no administrative action on your part. Learn more.

Google Scholar: Full text indexing of ProQuest scholarly journals in Google Scholar is now available. The collaboration between Google and ProQuest enables authenticated ProQuest users to be recognized when they search using Google Scholar, directly connecting them to full-text scholarly content in their libraries’ collections. Read this article for more details.

22 Jul 2015

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