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EBSCO announced today that it has acquired YBP. Because ProQuest is the preferred choice for ebooks for so many customers using YBP’s GOBI platform, we want to be sure you know where we stand.   

No disruptions
ProQuest is continuing to make our ebook content and workflows available through GOBI with no disruptions. Our selection of ebooks will continue to be offered through all available purchase models, including Perpetual Archive, Short-Term Loans, Demand-driven Acquisition (DDA) and Extended Access. Customer contracts with ProQuest will be unaffected and account contacts remain the same.  

Like all of our many partnerships, our participation in GOBI is based on our commitment to unbiased access to information, and to collaborations that help make workflows seamless. To support these commitments, we are continuing our relationship with YBP without disruption. This is driven by what’s best for our customers and the patrons they serve.

Shared values with librarians
We believe librarians should be able to find and acquire content in the ways that are best for them. The search for that content should be neutral and transparent, without regard to platform, vendor, or source. To that end, we provide our customers with choices, whether that’s working with us directly or by taking advantage of any of our many alliances.   

Superior research outcomes
We know librarians want tools that help their patrons achieve superior research outcomes.  Today, we offer more than 730,000 titles -- the largest selection available on any platform. That universe of content is supported with a patron experience that enables efficient discovery, access, and use of high quality content.  

Supporting librarians
ProQuest innovates with librarians in mind. We offer the industry’s leading admin experience for ebooks, with the best tools for librarians to manage and analyze their collections and their patrons’ usage.

Continuing innovation
ProQuest is committed to maintaining our leadership in ebooks. This will be further demonstrated later this year through the release of ProQuest Ebook Central, our new platform integrating the  best and industry-leading attributes of our ebrary and EBL platforms. Featuring a user-centered design, ProQuest Ebook Central will materially improve ebook research and management experiences from end to end.

Ongoing listening and communication
We know customers will have questions over the next several months and our representatives are ready with answers. We are eager to hear from you. As always, your feedback will be used to help us continue to set the right course for the future.


20 Feb 2015

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