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Better Linking by Our Bootstraps
Though OpenURL is a NISO standard, link resolvers are effectively "black boxes" to librarians. Proprietary link building and metadata scrubbing algorithms provide competitive advantage to product development and disincentivise information sharing. However a discussion of the kinds of information valuable to troubleshooting can be applied across all products.

Gain insight to a librarian's perspective on the software development cycle and answer questions about how the actual work of software coding is prioritized and distributed among development teams. Learning outcomes will include what kind of information is needed for troubleshooting, how to convey that to your product support staff, a brief overview of Agile Development philosophy and terminology, and how it affects the way software bug fixes and enhancements are addressed.
Date and Time:
Thursday, May 7, 2015 8:00 am, Pacific Daylight

“Absolutely Amazing!”: A Comparative Study of User Satisfaction with Summon
This presentation will provide a comparison of the results from two survey phases of user satisfaction with Summon between 2011 and 2013. A 2013 follow-up survey was conducted to coincide with the evaluation of the Summon license renewal at Ryerson Library. Because many academic libraries currently invest heavily in Web Scale Discovery services to meet the needs and expectations of undergraduate students, it is important that we evaluate user satisfaction. Considering that these services have been in use for a few years, has the initial excitement waned? Do students still feel they have “won the lottery”? The presenters will share the results of two survey iterations, comparing satisfaction levels with the service in 2013/14 with those evident in 2011/12. We will show how students at Ryerson University like using Search Everything, powered by Summon.
Date and Time:
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 12:00 pm, Pacific Daylight

What’s New in Pivot?
Get a sneak preview demo of the new Pivot Gallery! See how you can showcase your institution’s top research talent and their work with Pivot Gallery, a customizable website created from your institution’s existing Pivot profiles that instantly brings your researchers and their output to life. You’ll also learn how this public-facing website can help your resident experts get discovered by media outlets, publishers and law firms, and assist in recruiting efforts by showcasing your top faculty to the world.
Presenter: Andrew Nagy
Date and Time:
Wednesday, May 27 @ 2:00 PM ET
Thursday, May 28 @ 10:00 AM ET


01 May 2015

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