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ProQuest has had longstanding partnerships with libraries, and the students who are working hard to become librarians. We support them in a variety of ways:

For graduate students, we offer the $5,000 Roger K Summit Scholarship, and we support the ALA’s Spectrum Scholarship program, which affirms ALA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by seeking broad participation of racially and ethnically diverse librarians, to provide leadership in the transformation of libraries and library services.

Graduate and Professional Support
We also have a very active Graduate Education Program that allows for complimentary access to some of our most popular databases, and the Quantum2 professional development series, available through the Discover More Corps.

We honor teachers and mentors as well, via the annual Library Journal Teaching Award. Current LIS students, recent graduates, and other faculty members are encouraged to nominate candidates who have taught a course at an ALA-accredited master's program within the last two years as a full-time faculty member or as an adjunct.

With the many hats librarians wear today, we understand how difficult it can be to get the word out to library users about the resources available to them. Don’t forget the Tools and Resources section of the website, which offers ready-to-print customizable posters and bookmarks, press release templates, sample Tweets and blog posts, videos, and even digital commercials.

Networking, Training & New Products
Looking for us at an upcoming library trade show or event? Here’s where you can find us

The Training Webinars page offers a huge number of conveniently scheduled (and pre-recorded) online training for just about everything we offer. Stay up to date with industry changes and new products with our Informational Webinars as well.

Be sure and sign up for one or more of our newsletters, to be the first to get information about our new releases and read current blog posts. 

We're Here For You!

Of course, if you need to ask any questions about product functionality or renew your current subscriptions, we have technical support and sales staff who are happy to take your email requests or discuss your needs on the phone.


17 Apr 2015

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