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Understanding the Refugee Experience

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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10 Dec 2018

How a Japanese University Used Video to Support its International Curriculum

When Tokyo-based International Christian University received a government grant for multi-lingual teaching and learning, the library had to rethink its content strategy.

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03 Dec 2018

Why the University of New England Changed Its Ebook Acquisition Strategy

The private institution used a combination of demand-driven acquisition models to increase usage, reduce cost per use and build an ebook collection tailored to its unique community.

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14 Nov 2018

Introducing ProQuest Rialto

Modernizing selection and acquisition so librarians can buy what they need and use what they buy.

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05 Nov 2018

Video Trends in Academia: Q&A with an Instructional Designer

An instructional designer shares her perspective on how video impacts teaching and learning outcomes.

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05 Nov 2018

Faculty: Spice Up Your Syllabus This Fall

Is your syllabus getting stale? Shake up your class this fall with a variety of content from ProQuest.

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22 Oct 2018

Sarah Brennan: The Librarian Behind the Scenes at Academic Video Online

What’s it like to work on the largest video subscription available to libraries? Sarah Brennan, a “bad-ass” librarian and product manager at ProQuest, shares the story of her non-traditional career – and why she loves her job.

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08 Oct 2018

What Happens When Students Mix Content Types?

1,300 faculty members and students report on the impact to learning and research.

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03 Oct 2018

These 10 Titles – and 117,990 Others – Are Now DRM-Free

Ebook Central now offers more than 118,000 digital rights management (DRM)-free books. Here are 10 of them.

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28 Sep 2018

Why ProQuest Created a Database of Open-Access Content

A new initiative helps researchers discover and organize the most reliable open-access content from hundreds of global sources.

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20 Sep 2018