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Upload photos of your library in use and researchers in action.

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20 Mar 2012 | Daniela Parmley

The Mission Continues: Returning Researchers to the Library

Reflections on the third anniversary of introducing the Summon® web-scale discovery service and the recent Library Journal feature article about Dartmouth College’s use of the service.

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13 Mar 2012 | John Law

I recenti miglioramenti per perfezionare la ricerca attraverso Summon

Gennaio 2012 ha segnato il terzo anniversario dell'introduzione del servizio Summon e delle trasformazioni sul come gli utenti possono scoprire le risorse delle collezioni della biblioteca.

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08 Mar 2012 | Scott Schuetze

Meet Amy Pemble, Librarian and Business Analyst for Serials Solutions

Meet Amy Pemble, a librarian and a Business Analyst for Serials Solutions who has been working in the library software industry for 16 years.

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07 Mar 2012 | Mary Howell

Meet Karen Farley

Interview with a member of the technology team supporting the existing Serials Solutions management products: The Client Center, 360 Counter, 360 Resource Manager, and UlrichsWeb.

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07 Mar 2012 | Daniela Parmley

Serials Solutions Greatly Expands German Content Coverage in the Summon® Service

Serials Solutions has greatly expanded coverage of German-specific content within the Summon service including millions of catalog items, journal articles, and specialized repositories.

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07 Mar 2012 | Daniela Parmley

The University of Connecticut Libraries’ Implements the Summon® Service

The University of Connecticut Libraries recognized the need to streamline the management of e-resources by consolidating all management tools on a single platform. To this end, the library initiated a trial of 360 Link.

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29 Feb 2012 | Daniela Parmley

Neue deutsche Verlage in Summon

Aktuelle deutsch Inhalte die soeben indiziert worden sind; vor kurzem unterschrieben und gerade zur Indexierung aufbereitete Verlage.

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16 Feb 2012 | Scott Schuetze

ALA Midwinter at a Glance 2012

ALA Midwinter came with some very exciting announcements from Serials Solutions®, including the reveal of our web-scale management service’s new name, Intota™.

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10 Feb 2012 | Daniela Parmley

Intota™ Featured in The Digital Shift by Library Journal's David Rapp

Read what Library Journal has to say about our industry game-changer Intota™.

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09 Feb 2012 | Daniela Parmley