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Finding my Fit in the Library

Cindy Hohl

I believe that libraries transform and catapult learning experiences for everyone - ALA Spectrum Scholar Cindy Hohl.

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23 Feb 2017

Exploring a Dark Chapter in U.S. History: Japanese Internment

Baltimore's Sunday Sun Times magazine, February 7, 1942,

Unique resources for understanding the presidential force of law at the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066.

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21 Feb 2017

Jack Johnson: Prize Fighter in the Ring, and Against Racial Convention

Front page of the Boston Globe.

Primary sources recount Jim Crow-era hardships endured by boxing’s first African-American heavyweight champion.

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15 Feb 2017

The Legacy of Frederick Douglass in Poetry and Primary Sources

Exploring resources for insights on the life and enduring influence of escaped slave, abolitionist writer, orator and American hero on his birthday.

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14 Feb 2017

Cabaret: What a Concept!

Cabaret on Broadway, 1966

Discover how curated interdisciplinary resources connect researchers to the people, places and creative process behind the musical.

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13 Feb 2017

What’s New in OASIS? Plenty.

Open book

Based on customer feedback, the premiere web-based system for searching and ordering print and ebooks is improving resources to make life easier for librarians.

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03 Feb 2017

NAACP Papers Document Case of Activist Bookstore Owner

Court document regarding Martin Sostre

Rare primary source materials provide researchers with insights into struggles with the criminal justice system.

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01 Feb 2017

Excavation of Death Camp Sites Reveal Clues about Holocaust Victims

Historic sign at the railway spur in Sobibor.

Personal artifacts and testimonies from Holocaust witnesses and survivors inspire a human connection for researchers.

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26 Jan 2017

Scope of Black Panthers’ History Revealed in Video & Newspapers

Black Panthers

Discovery and digitization of the Black Panthers’ Archive provide researchers with a comprehensive view of a revolutionary movement.

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24 Jan 2017

Coach, Confidante, Communicator: The Library Manager’s Role in Change Management

Harriet Tubman quote: Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Whether the change involves a print-to-electronic transition or a space reclamation project, there are bound to be questions, concerns and even resistance.

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20 Jan 2017