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The Flipside of Fake News: Appreciating Responsible Journalism

Using reliable news content to learn how to think like a journalist and become a critical news consumer.

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10 Nov 2017

A Message from Stephen Rhind-Tutt, Co-founder, Alexander Street

Stephen Rhind-Tutt takes a new role advising on all of ProQuest’s products and strategy rather than just Alexander Street’s.

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09 Nov 2017

Voices from the Trenches in WWI

November 11th is a day of remembering and honoring military veterans in the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia and France.

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09 Nov 2017

Expose the Latest Thinking in Research with Working Papers

Working papers provide students and scholars access to cutting-edge research in their field – often years before it’s published.

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07 Nov 2017

Documenting the Power of Petitions

Exploring British history through a popular form of political participation

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02 Nov 2017

Early Modern Resources: Ideal Reading for Halloween

Read on for the “true discourse” of a murderous sorcerer who appeared in the “likenes of a Woolfe.”

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30 Oct 2017

The World’s First Mass-Media-Driven Revolution?

Resources to explore the impact of the printing press and the role it played in the Protestant Reformation.

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25 Oct 2017

New Video Highlights Digitization of Early European Books

“I cannot imagine going back to the former way of doing research.” -Oliver Bosc, Head of Arsenal Library BnF

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19 Oct 2017

Remembering Tom Petty – and His Surprising Punk Past

Tom Petty in concert, 2010

The recent death of Tom Petty left a multitude of fans feeling, well, heartbroken. And nostalgic.

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12 Oct 2017

Canadian Librarians and the Path to Librarianship

Canadian Libraries Month coloring page

Recent two-part article from Jean Weihs chronicles stories of Canadian women who have pursued careers in library science.

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11 Oct 2017