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The Future of Academic E-reading, Still a Long Way to Go

Library computer stations

Can academic reading happen as effectively with ebooks as with print books?

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20 Sep 2016

Remembering the Trail of Tears

Painting: Bear's Paw

The enduring legacy of Indian removal policies in the U.S.

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16 Sep 2016

Hunt & Gather: The Fundamentals of Collection Assessment

Library computer stations

Hunt & gather, verify, analyze, and disseminate are the 4 steps of collection assessment, which focus both on the collection and the use/user.

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13 Sep 2016


Misty Copland; Photo Credit: Naim Chidiac Abu Dhabi Festival

Happy birthday, Misty Copeland!

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10 Sep 2016

Divorce Petitions Reveal the Lives of 19th Century Women

19th century divorce petition

Divorce petitions extremely frank and candid offering numerous possibilities for research into the lives of 19th-century women.

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08 Sep 2016

That Time the Literary Digest Poll Got the 1936 Election Wrong

Atlanta Daily World front page, November 4, 1936

It’s not the size of the sample...

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07 Sep 2016

A Librarian’s Guide to Becoming Data Driven

Library computer stations

An interview with Michael Levine-Clark, Dean and Director of the University of Denver Libraries.

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06 Sep 2016

The Student’s Guide to Workers, Labor, and the Left in History Vault

Would you like to be in the band or a clown? (Labor Day celebration, 1940) (LOC)

Students will find numerous collections in History Vault to study workers, labor unions, and the American Left during the 20th century.

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05 Sep 2016

3 Reasons Why Makerspaces are for Academic Libraries, Too

Edmonton Public Library Makerspace

Since the Fayetteville Public Library pioneered the concept of makerspaces in libraries in 2011, we’ve known that this trend was here to stay.

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02 Sep 2016

Genocide Testimony Enriches Learning for Students of French

Man giving testimony

The Visual History Archive allows students to better understand those who experienced the German occupation of France in the 1940s.

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31 Aug 2016