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Remembering China’s Forgotten Holocaust: The Nanjing Massacre

Eternal flame, Nanjing Massacre Memorial

The whole truth of the atrocities that occurred in Nanjing may never be known but there are efforts, past and present, to record survivor testimonies.

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17 Aug 2016

Tisha B’Av – The Saddest Day of Mourning...and Hope

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, by Francesco Hayez

Blog post exploring Tisha B’Av, traditionally a time to remember and mourn loss and observed by abstinence, fasting and lament. Posted August 13, 2016.

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13 Aug 2016

3 Books Take on Brexit and Nationalism

British flag

Three books offer insights into this recent rise in nationalist sentiments in the UK and the US.

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11 Aug 2016

Streaming of Genocide Testimonies Now Available for Academic Libraries

Giving testimony

ProQuest partners with USC Shoah Foundation to broaden access to the Visual History Archive.

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10 Aug 2016

The Power of Video Testimonies: The Visual History Archive

Pie chart: General impact of video on the learning experience

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education and ProQuest host a free webinar examining the impact of video testimonies in academia.

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09 Aug 2016

Who Said that? Name the Presidential Nominee

John F. Kennedy, Jr., Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford

Can you name the candidates who gave these speeches and the year in which they gave them?

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08 Aug 2016

How today’s Olympic Athletes Represent Ideals from the First Modern Games

The king presenting the rewards - Olympic Games 1896

Since 1896, the Olympic Games have been interrupted by wars and politics but the ideals set forth in 1896 remain.

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05 Aug 2016

How to Balance Ebook Access with Ownership

Ebook acquisition models

Access-to-Own balances access with ownership and applies all loan spend to perpetual purchases.

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04 Aug 2016

Hip Hop, Culture, and Race: Insights from Two Books

Hip hop concert

Two recent books offer perspectives on hip hop and its connection to race and culture.

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03 Aug 2016

The Fight for Positive and Accurate LGBT Information in Libraries

Barbara Gittings picketing the White House in 1965, photo taken by Kay Tobin Lahusen

Gay rights pioneer Barbara Gittings advocated for a revolution in the inclusion and cataloging of LGBTQ materials in public libraries.

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31 Jul 2016