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To Vote or Not to Vote

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. Significant Election Scene At Washington, June 3, 1867.

"I have never for a moment entertained the idea of voting for myself.... Neither have I ever voted against my principles by casting my ballot for an opponent."

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02 Nov 2016

The Big 3 in Building a Collection Assessment Program

Two images of parking signs.

Driving my daily work are three guiding principles: make it easy, make it relevant, and make it interesting.

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01 Nov 2016

What are the most imported sources in your citation manager?


A look at data collected by RefWorks starting in 2013 through the spring of 2016.

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27 Oct 2016

What Drives Change in Your Library?

Charles Darwin

Libraries are in a dynamic environment – “transformation” is a not just a goal but a mantra; it requires comfort with change.

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26 Oct 2016

Digital Freedom is Intellectual Freedom for Canadian Library

GRC Tor team

Western University’s Graduate Resource Center (GRC) in London, Ontario, became the first Canadian Library to host a Tor node.

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25 Oct 2016

Canadian Library Listed Among “The Most Beautiful” Also Has “Many Hearts”

Halifax Central Library

This spectacular geometric structure of four stacked glass boxes is Halifax’s new flagship library and since opening in 2014, it’s been causing a stir.

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19 Oct 2016

Testimonio, Testimonials, and the Guatemalan Civil War

Cobblestone street in Guatemala

The Guatemalan Genocide took 200,000 civilian lives; survivors share stories in video testimonials recorded by the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive.

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18 Oct 2016

What Researchers Look for When They Search Funding Opportunities


Because it is such a ubiquitous part of the academic experience, we closely examined the trends and habits of researchers looking for funding opportunities.

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12 Oct 2016

How to Make a Difference During Library School with Academic Research

Melody Tsz-Way Leung

Opportunities to participate in research projects has solidified my goal of helping everyone find a voice and be confident in who they are.

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11 Oct 2016

How I am Revealing Life’s Possibilities with Multicultural Storytime

Melody Tsz-Way Leung and Dream Drum activity

Information behavior, community engagement, and under-served populations. What do all of these have in common?

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10 Oct 2016