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Create or modify a search alert

Alerts are automated email notifications you create to deliver new content as it becomes available in ProQuest. There are two kinds of alerts that you can create:

Search alerts

A search results list displays when you run any of these searches in ProQuest:

Basic Search

Advanced Search

Figures & Tables

Look Up Citation

Command Line

Data & Reports

Find Similar


An icon labeled Create alert is available as a link in these locations:

Click the link to define your search alert details—including your email address, how often you want to receive the alert, and how you want the alert email formatted. After responding to an email from ProQuest to confirm the email address you provided, your alert is activated.

Important to know — Although you can set up a search alert without a My Research account, you will not be able to modify or otherwise re-visit the alert details without one.

When you click the Create alert link you will be prompted to set up a My Research account if you do not have one, or log in to My Research if you do.

Create or modify a search alert

Both the Create alert and Modify alert popups contain the following steps and associated fields—the descriptions here assume that you are signed into a My Research account.

Step 1—Review search details

Step 2—Define your alert email

Step 3—Define your alert content

Include search details: Do you want the following information included in your alert?


Step 4—Schedule your alert

Send: Specify how frequently ProQuest should run your alert.

Stop after: Specify when you no longer want to receive the alert.

Important to know — You will receive an alert renewal reminder when your alert is about to expire. The reminder email will present you with the same options listed above, allowing you to extend the alert. The reminder also provides you with the option to delete the alert.

Creating an alert without a My Research account

When you are not signed into a My Research account:

What you can do with the documents you receive in an alert email

Alert emails deliver the list of documents found since the alert last ran—that match the search that you set the alert on, against the databases selected when you ran the search. Each document in the list can contain one or more links to ProQuest. If you are not already in ProQuest, you may be prompted to log in before an item displays.

For any document listed in your alert email:

Publication alerts

Publication Search provides a way for you to find specific publications, such as newspapers or magazines, and browse individual issues. When you browse or search for a publication, and it’s available, you can click the publication title to display a page that provides details about that publication.

Click the Create alert link to define your publication alert details. After responding to an email from ProQuest to confirm the email address you provided, your alert is activated.

Managing your alerts in My Research

You can view and manage all of your alerts when you are signed into your My Research account. If you don’t have an account, check out the benefits.

Click the Alerts tab at the top of your My Research page. The Alerts page displays a single list of any search or publication alerts that you’ve created. By default, your alerts are listed in the order you created them, with your newest alert listed first.

You can:


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