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Romantic. Affirmative. Rhetorical. The poetry of Dylan Thomas urged readers to ponder life as they never had before. He gradually gained a large following and his unique style was imitated by many of his contemporaries. The complex style of Thomas's writing broke ground for experimentation in modern poetry.

His works include: 18 Poems, Twenty-five Poems, The Map of Love, Deaths and Entrances, In Country Sleep, and Collected Poems.

Researchers now have access to a concordance and word list keyed to the 1978 printing of Dylan Thomas: The Poems, edited by Daniel Jones. This concordance contains every word in Thomas's 193 poems, set in immediate context. Complete word lists in alphabetical and frequency order are reproduced on the last fiche.

This comprehensive concordance includes a 30-page printed guide. The guide describes the function and format of the concordance and includes seven lists of key words of special interest under the following headings: unhyphenated compound words; hyphenated compound words; anatomical terms; death and disease; animals, fish, birds, natural world, and color; religion; and human beings as agents.

This concordance is an important research and study tool for contextual examinations of the poems by Dylan Thomas.

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