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Chromebook Laptops

Network Journal; New York Vol. 24, Iss. 1,  (Spring 2017): 58.

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They're betterthan ever - and cheaper, too!

Only a few months ago, I told readers about what was happening in the world of the Chromebook, a laptop that runs on the Chrome OS operating system and is designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet. I mentioned that Chromebooks had just outsold Apple's range of Macs (and for the first time in the United States).

Chromebooks have become so popular that manufacturers are competing like crazy to expand functionality while at the same time lowering the price. You know who wins that game, right? Consumers.

Prepare to be hit with a serious case of FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt - if you go online or head to a store to purchase a Chromebook. That's because there are hundreds to choose from made by dozens of manufacturers. But not to worry. I don't expect you to slog through all of this. Remember, it's my job to do the hard work so you won't have to!

By way of review, a Chromebook laptop is ideal for someone who wants to surf the Internet, communicate by email, stream movies and videos, and build a library of photos and music. While each of the computers I'm about to recommend has internal storage and ports to connect external hard drives, flash drives and memory cards, a Chromebook is generally designed to be connected to the Internet.

There are countless free Google apps for Chromebooks. Just remember that a Chromebook is not a Microsoft Windows computer. "Chromebooks vs. Windows Laptops: The Real Story" (as seen on does a great job listing the differences and the reasons why a Chromebook is so much better in some situations (and so much cheaper). Chrome OS is secure, fast and super simple - you know,...