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Smartphone Apps

; New York Vol. 25, Iss. 3,  (Fall 2018): 33.
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Best ones foryoursmall business

Running a small business can be time consuming and costly. Apps can save you time and money by allowing you to manage your business anytime and from anywhere, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Many of those listed below are free, others offer a limited, free trial period and discounted pricing for single users.

Meetings. Schedule and attend one-on-one, small and large group-video-conference meetings with customers on your smartphone with the Skype, Google Hangouts, OoVoo and Fuze apps.

Payments. Accept credit card payments with well-known apps, such as Square and Paypal Here, that provide portable credit card readers that attach to your smartphone to process transactions. Other credit card processing apps you might try include Shopify, Payline, Pay Anywhere and Host Merchant Services.

Foreign languages. Reach non-English-speaking customers by communicating in their language. Speak, write and read in more than 90 languages with the iTranslate app, or customize your company website or online store with the Simply Translate app.

Deals. Close business deals from anywhere by providing and accepting legally bound digital signatures with the DocuSign, DocuSign Ink, Sign Now or Sign Here apps. The apps enable you to send documents via smartphone and obtain signatures by capturing individual's finger strokes.

Avaiiability/appointments. Allow customers to schedule appointments with you around-the-clock with the 10to8, Housecall Pro or Booker online scheduling systems. Receive "new appointment" alerts, confirm new appointments with a text or email and access your entire schedule from your smartphone anytime.

Hiring. Recruit and manage staff, remote workers or freelancers like a professional human resources department. Use the Proven Recruiting or Zoho Recruit mobile apps to post job openings, collect and review resumes, schedule interviews and communicate with job candidates in real-time.

Payroll. Ditch paper timesheets and enable your workforce to clock in and out...