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Self-empowerment: Your first step toward excellence

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Many would say that Yoda, the Star Wars mentor, was very powerful. He at least knew some magic. Does power inspire fear or strength, dependency or trust, manipulation or inspiration?

What is power anyway? Power can be electrical or mechanical, absolute rule or magic. But the truest, highest power is the ability o motivate, love, encourage. It is knowing who you are and helping others to know who they are.

Do you remember that certain teacher or friend who expanded your thoughts and your perception of life; who inspired you to feel good about yourself and others; who challenged you to make your dreams reality? True power then, comes from strength of purpose based on a solid foundation of inner wisdom.

The simple living of life as a being of wisdom exudes an energy that automatically uplifts those nearby. To inspire others can change lives, but first we must find our own center of personal power, know who we are, and transform our own potential from an idle wish into everyday reality.

Why does personal power seem so elusive? There are many reasons why personal power eludes us. Some of us don't know how to find or exercise it. Some of us simply haven't bothered, waiting for someone or something to give it to us. Fear...Sometimes fear holds us back. We are afraid to venture past safe boundaries. We become distrustful of others and of ourselves. Personal power is a gift that we can create and give to ourselves. Why? Because we deserve it.

Feeling trapped...Everyone wants to be happy. But how many of us can say that we are truly happy? One survey found that four out of five people are unhappy with their life and their job. Many people feel stuck, hopelessly trapped in a lifestyle, a relationship or...