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A Powerful, Flexible Solution for Text and Data Mining

From healthcare to business to social sciences to humanities, text and data mining is becoming crucial to research in nearly every discipline.

Empower researchers to uncover new connections and make new discoveries using TDM Studio service, a new solution for text and data mining. From the initial idea to the final output, TDM Studio puts the power of text and data mining directly in the researcher’s hands. TDM Studio unlocks a vast collection of current and historical ProQuest content (including news, journals dissertations and theses, primary sources and more) for text and data mining. The ability to upload a researcher’s content and combine it with ProQuest content enables the use of diverse content sources.

With TDM Studio, researchers have the flexibility to use their preferred methods created from open-source programming languages like R and Python – along with methods provided by ProQuest – for analysis and visualization.


TDM Studio helps researchers bypass the cumbersome mechanics of collecting content for text and data mining and get straight to the point: answering their research questions. With this new solution, creating a content set has been reduced to hours, rather than the months required with traditional approaches. Sift through an avalanche of scholarly data and create a content set specific to a research goal. Enjoy the benefits of consistent formatting and rights clearance.

Relevant Content & Methods

Researchers can now create their own content sets through a self-service interface that provides access to their institution's entitled ProQuest content, including current and historical access to major newspapers, millions of dissertations and theses, primary sources and additional sought-after data.

TDM Studio also gives researchers the option to incorporate content from other sources, and to utilize their preferred methods with open-source programming languages like R and Python – along with methods provided by ProQuest – for analysis and visualization.

Unprecedented Insights

The ability to integrate current and historical ProQuest content with content uploaded by the researcher expands research into new territory. Researchers are now able to examine new relationships, gain new insights and ultimately make new and unprecedented discoveries with TDM Studio.


The entire research team can collaborate on projects within TDM Studio. All members – within an institution and beyond – stay updated in real time, can make edits to the analysis and have simultaneous access to results. There is no more need to email files back and forth to keep track of the team’s progress.

Teaching and Learning

TDM Studio’s user-friendly design makes it an ideal solution for teaching and learning. Teach standard methodologies and engage students in projects to uncover relationships and insights, developing valuable research and data-science skills.

Leveraging the Library

Academic libraries will enjoy additional value from their existing wealth of resources. TDM Studio helps academic libraries leverage their content and expertise for new projects across all research disciplines and in the classroom.

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