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Canadian Research Index™ includes federal, provincial, and municipal documents such as depository publications of research value issued by the federal government, the ten provinces, and two of the three territories; hard to find non-depository publications issued by hundreds of Canadian government agencies and departments; scientific and technical report literature issued by research institutes and government laboratories; policy, social, economic, and political reports; Statistics Canada monographs, and serials. No other service provides this combination of all jurisdictions, along with publications from leading research centers in Canada, with standardized access points and the added value of being fully abstracted and indexed.

Over 50% of the federal documents listed in Canadian Research Index are non-depository publications, and are not available through the regular government catalog-ordering process. Descriptive abstracts for citations in the Canadian Research Index make it easier to find the documents you need. They also help you to identify the best material in a lengthy results list. The broad geographic, jurisdictional, and subject coverage of Canadian Research Index makes it a valuable resource for users in university and institutional libraries, government agencies, and special libraries in Canadaand around the world.

Accessing Canadian Research Index

To meet individual needs, Canadian Research Index is available in electronic formats including MARC records. Documents cited are available in microfiche through various subscription plans.

Canadian Research Index is a monthly indexing service with bibliographic citations that allows users to locate reports they need for business, research, or for informed and active participation in community activities.

The electronic version available via the ProQuest interface, offers descriptive abstracts with most bibliographic citations. USMARC and tagged ASCII versions are also available to load into your library catalog. 

Microlog is our microfiche service providing the full text of the documents described in the Canadian Research Index. A variety of collections are available by subscription to suit every library. Microfiche collections are used by hundreds of libraries as a cost-effective and convenient means of providing permanent access to full-text research information.

Microlog Collections include Jurisdictional Collections, Regional Collections, Special Collections (depository/non-depository collections, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, science, and more), and Subject Collections (agriculture, education, external affairs, health, life sciences, physical sciences, and more). Customized collections are also available as part of our Microlog service.

New titles are added to the Canadian Research Index every month, making it a rich source for Canadian research information.

Who Uses Canadian Research Index?

With over 250,000 records, including some 200,000 Microlog records, Canadian Research Index is ideal for anyone interested in Canadian government agencies.

  • University and institutional libraries worldwide use Canadian Research Index as part of their core reference content (often integrated with their OPAC) to provide comprehensive coverage of Canadian research and government information.
  • Government agencies rely on Canadian Research Index as a primary Canadian government document and research service, while reducing cataloging and acquisitions expenses.
  • Corporate and special libraries use Canadian Research Index as a tool to research Canadian documents and reports.


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