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LibraryThing for Libraries™ taps into more than 85 million books and 95 million library-vetted tags. LibraryThing for Libraries™ offers a variety of enrichment packages to enhance your library’s online catalog.

Enrichment your catalog with unique descriptive data components and features that invite your library patrons to browse, search, and interact with your library’s holdings.

Book Display Widget™

Creating virtual book displays for your library’s homepage is easy. Create a virtual book/ebook display and highlight your collection right on your homepage. Create one widget or many! Patrons just click on the image of the book cover to go directly to that title in your catalog! And there are endless customization possibilities.


A personalized recommendation tool for patrons based on your library’s collection, BookPsychic is your patrons’ crystal ball. The more they rate, the better their recommendations become! The more they discover, the more your collection circulates.

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Multiple packages to choose from

In addition, Library Thing offers multiple catalog enrichment packages including reviews, series and awards, and shelf browse.

Catalog Enrichment

LibraryThing for Libraries™ enriches your online catalog with data and features that invite your patrons to browse, search, and interact with your library’s holdings in completely new ways.

Companion Products

LibraryThing for Libraries and Sydnetic Solutions™ when combined give you both the professional reviews and patron driven reviews, making your offering much more compelling for the researcher.

Ebook Enhancement

With the Book Display Widget™, create a virtual ebook display and highlight your collection right on your homepage and increase visability and usage.

Series and Award Package

Tap into more than 50,000 series and 25,000 awards added by LibraryThing members.

Catalog Enhancement Package

Book recommendations, tag-based discovery, and links to other book editions and translations mean more ways for your patrons to find books they’ll like.

Reviews Enhancement Package

Provide reviews for every item in your catalog, including CDs and DVDs. Patron reviews, LibraryThing reviews, and widgets for sharing those reviews help you harness the power of social networking.

Shelf Browse Enhancement Package

Use your call numbers and marry them with cover images to give your patrons the feel of browsing a physical shelf—in ”wood” or “metal.”

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