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Dissertation Express:

If you would like to have your dissertation order shipped directly to you, use Dissertation Express for ordering.

Dissertation Express for ILL:

Dissertation Express is a service offered at no charge to interlibrary loan (ILL) offices at academic libraries. Without incurring any overhead, librarians can offer students and faculty the option of buying copies of dissertations or master's theses instead of borrowing them through ILL.


Titles are available in your choice of formats:

  • hardbound paper
  • unbound paper
  • softbound paper
  • microfilm
  • microfiche

Copies are custom-made from the microfilm masters in our vaults when we receive an order, so dissertations and theses can be returned only if there are production defects.

ProQuest Dissertation Publishing's point of contact is the ILL office, and the ILL office is responsible for the following:

  • Collecting the copy price (in U.S. dollars) in advance from customers
  • Transmitting orders to us through a web-based interface
  • Holding titles we send for patron pickup
  • Passing on the copy price (in U.S. dollars) in response to our invoices

ProQuest is responsible for the following:

  • Generating high-quality printed copies or PDFs
  • Delivering print copies to the ILL office or providing a link to download PDFs
  • Billing the library at prices according to the selected formats


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