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An archive of past winners of the CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, listed by year.








CAGS Dr. Drew Higgins University of Waterloo Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Sciences Nanostructured Oxygen Reduction Catalysts Designs to Reduce the Platinum Dependency of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells


CAGS Dr. Douglas Hunter York University Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Stone of Power: Dighton Rock, Colonization and the Erasure of an Indigenous Past


CHBGS Jeremy C. Ferrell North Carolina A&T State University Dissertation A Distributed Model of Oilseed Biorefining, via Integrated Industrial Ecology Exchanges


CHBGS Hector Malagon University of Maryland Eastern Shore Dissertation Population Dynamics of Young of the Year Summer Flounder (Paralichthys Dentatus) in Maryland Coastal Bays


CSGS Sergio Carvajal-Leoni Texas State University Digital Scholarship The Texan Italian Stories Documentary Series: Fostering Social Connections Among Members of a Geo-Ethnic Community Through the Process of Media Creation


CSGS Andrew MacLaren Texas State University Life Sciences Automated Detection of Rare and Endangered Anurans using Robust and Reliable Detection Software


CSGS Gandalf Nicolas The College of William and Mary Social Sciences, Business and Education Confrontation of Prejudice Towards Multiracials and Monoracials


MAGS Nicholas Borcherding University of Iowa Master's Thesis Non-Canonical WNT Signaling in Breast Cancer Initiation and Progression


MAGS Saul Meyerson-Knox University of Cincinnati Master's Thesis “African Blues”: The Sound and History of a Transatlantic Discourse


NEAGS Whitten Overby Cornell University, Ithaca Master's Thesis Postcards from God: Grace and the Corporate Everyday at Orlando’s Holy Land Experience


WAGS Morgan Dixon University of Washington, Seattle Innovation in Technology Pixel-Based Reverse Engineering of Graphical Interfaces


WAGS Maegan Hough University of Victoria Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Business Personal Recollections and Civic Responsibilities: Dispute Resolution and the Indian Residential Schools Legacy


WAGS Cameron Jack Oregon State University Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering Colony Level Infection of Honey Bee Gut Pathogen, Nosema ceranae and Role of Pollen Nutrition in Nosema cerenae Infection and Bee Survival


CGS Jeongmin Choi University of Missouri Biological and Life Sciences Identification of an extracellular adenosine 5’-triphosphate receptor in Arabidopsis thaliana


CGS Timo Schaefer Indiana University Humanities and Fine Arts The Social Origins of Justice: Mexico in the Age of Utopian Failure, 1821-1870


NEAGS Jeffery Stokes
Boston College Master's Thesis The Influence of Intergenerational Relationships on Marital Quality Following the Death of a Parent in Adulthood


MAGS Christina Holbein
Loyola University of Chicago Master's Thesis Towards Observational Measurement of Social Competence In Youth With Chronic Health Conditions: Development of Peer Interactions Scales For Youth With Spina Bifida


MAGS Gavin D'Souza
University of Cincinnati Master's Thesis Influence of Serial coronary Stenoses on Diagnostic Parameters: An In-vitro Study with Numerical Validation


CHBGS Jennifer Green
Florida A&M University Dissertation The Characterization of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) as a Possible Treatment Option for Prostate Cancer


CSGS Eric Ross Anderson
University of Alabama-Huntsville Digital Scholarship Analysis of rainfall-triggered landslide hazards through the dynamic integration of remotely sensed, modeled and in situ environmental factors in El Salvador


CSGS Brandee Ester
University of Alabama Humanities and Fine Arts Data Visualization of Indian Mutiny Causes in Victorian Higher Journalism


CSGS Mohammad Saied Dehghani Sanij
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Mathematics, physical Sciences, and Engineering Optimal Resource Allocation Strategies to Protect Network-structured Systems


WAGS Sidhant Gupta
University of Washington Innovation in Technology ElectriSense: Single-Point Sensing Using EMI for Electrical Event Detection and Classication in the Home


WAGS Adam Nott
University of Victoria Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Business Transnational Law and Resource Management: The role of a private legal system in the promotion of sustainable development in the mining industry


WAGS Kimberly Snyder
University of British Columbia Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Investigating the role of Podocalyxin on breast cancer progression and metastasis


CAGS Daniel Boyce Dalhousie University Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Sciences Patterns and Drivers of Marine Phytoplankton Change over the Past Century


CAGS Eric Paul Weissman Concordia University Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Spaces, Places and States of Mind: A Pragmatic Ethnography of Liminal Critique


NEAGS Nagavenkat Adurthi
University of Buffalo, State University of New York Master's Thesis The Conjugate Unscented Transform- A Method to Evaluate Multidimensional Expectations Integrals


Matthew D. Reed
Yale University Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering Entanglement and Quantum Error Correction with Superconducting Qubits
Joshua David Kertzer The Ohio State University Social Sciences Resolve in International Politics
Eric Paul Weissman Concordia University Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Spaces, Places and States of Mind: A Pragmatic Ethnography of Liminal Critique
Daniel Boyce Dalhousie University Engineering, Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences Patterns and Drivers of Marine Phytoplankton Change over the Past Century
Nagavenkat Adurthi University of Buffalo, State University of New York The Conjugate Unscented Transform: A Method to Evaluate Multidimensional Expectation Integrals
Kaylia Mekelda Duncan University of Iowa Dynamics of Tumor Progression and Therapy Response in IL-6 and Driven Cell Malignancy
Anna Ruth Lynch University of Iowa Early Lutheran Education in the Late Reformation in Mecklenburg
Tetsuto Miyashita University of Alberta Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Comparative Analysis of the Anatomy of the Myxinoida and the Ancestry of Eaarly Vertebrate Lineages
Hannah Harris University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Business Perspectives on Economics policy and Personal Identity and Culture of Cook Inlet and Kenai River Salmon Fisheries
Lucas Ting University of Washington
How Mechanotransduction Responds to Endothelial Cell Monolayers and Platelets
Kai Zhang Norfolk State University Development of Magnetic and Optic Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Tiara Nydia Moore Hampton University Fish habitat diminution by sedimentary oxygen demand
Anita Lam Texas State University, San Marcos Typeline, a bilingual typographic reference guide for Chinese students
David Frank University of North Carolina at Greensboro Social Sciences, Business and Education Metacognitive Age Differences in Strategy Shift: Retrieval Avoidance or General Shift Reluctance?
Manashree Prajapati Tarleton State University Life Sciences The effects of cholesterol carrier proteins and statin on fibroblast migration and signal transduction via Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Proteins (SREBP)



Christopher Barnett University of Alaska Anchorage Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor is Critical for neural crest cell function in Xenopus laevis
Austin Mason University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Listening to the Early Medieval Dead: Religious
 Practices in Eastern Britain, 400–900 CE
Valorie Salimpoor Rotman Research
Institute in Toronto
Music, Emotion, and the Reward System: Investigations with (11C) raclopride Positron
Emission Tomography (PET), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and
Psychophysiological Methods
Sarah Teets University of Colorado Boulder Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, and Business Historian Historicized: The Representation of Nicolaus of Damascus in Josephus' Judaean Antiquities
Andrew Top Simon Fraser University Automated Confidence-based User Guidance for Increasing Efficiency in Interactive 3D Image Segmentation
Dr. Aaron Shafer Engineering, Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences On the Evolution History and Population Genetic Structure of the North American Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus)
Amirhossein Arzani Illinois Institute of Technology
Validation and Characterization of Turbulence in an Aortic Coarctation
Alexandra Corrine Keller University of Buffalo-SUNY
Direct Reprogramming of Neural Stem Cells into Oligodendrocyte Progenitors by Defined Factors
Sarah Suda North Carolina State University Hygroscopicity Frequency Distributions of Secondary Organic Aerosols
Gregory C. Mitchell Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Reconciliation of Art + Science


Bjorn Bernhard Brandenburg

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

Scheduling and locking in multiprocessor real-time operating systems


Junjie Chen

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Social Sciences

While the state claims the intimate: Population control policy and the makings of Chinese modernity


Nathaniel Adam Sowa

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering

Characterization of Ectonucleotidases in Nociceptive Circuits


Kirsten A. Weld

Yale University

Social Sciences

Reading the Politics of History in Guatemala's National Police Archives


Charles Conroy

Princeton University

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering

Stellar Population Synthesis for the Future


Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin

Stanford University

Social Sciences

Incentive Processing in the Aging Brain: Individual Differences in Value-Based Learning and Decision-Making Across the Adult Life Span


Mark Julian Kiel

University of Michigan

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering

Identification, Localization and Characterization of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Their Niche


Kristel Renee Smentek

University of Delaware

Humanities & Fine Arts

Art, Commerce, and Scholarship in the Age of Enlightenment: Pierre-Jean Mariette and the Making of Art History


Thomas Rondeau

Virginia Tech

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Application of Artificial Intelligence to Wireless Communication


Jessica Horst

University of Iowa


Turning Novel Names into Known Names: Understanding Referent Selection and Retention in 24-Month-Old Children and Neural Networks


Christobal Uauy

University of California, Davis

Plant Sciences

Positional Cloning of Gpc-B1, A Wheat Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Senescence and with Pleiotropic Effects on Grain Protein, Zinc and Iron Concentration


Michael David Chasar

University of Iowa


Everyday Reading: U.S. Poeetry and Popular Culture, 1880-1945


Paul Michael Collins

Binghamton University

Social Sciences

Friends of the Supreme Court: Examining the Influence of Interest Groups in the U.S. Supreme Court, 1946-2001


Katey Marion Walter

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

Methane Emissions from Lakes in Northeast Siberia and Alaska


Hallem, Elissa Anyon

Yale University

Biology & Life Sciences

The Role of Odorant Receptors in Odor Coding


Thomas N Sizgorich

University of California, Santa Barbara


Monks and Mujahidun: Militant Piety in Late Antiquity and Early Islam


Eric Todd Brown

Princeton University

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

“Neural Oscillators and Integrators in the Dynamics of Decision Tasks”


Pedro C. Magalhaes

Ohio State University

Social  Sciences

“The Limits to Judicialization: Legislative Politics and Constitutional Review in the Iberian Democracies”


Li Yu

Ohio State University

Humanities & Fine Arts

“A History of Reading in Late Imperial China,. 1000-1800”


Tadzia Jean GrandPré

Yale University

Biology & Life Sciences

“Nogo: A Molecular Determinant of Axonal Growth and Regeneration”


Bryan K. Ritchie

Emory University

Social Sciences

“The Political Economy of Technical Intellectual Capital Formation in Southeast Asia”


Daniel Adam Steck

University of Texas at Austin

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

“Quantum Chaos, Transport, and Decoherence in Atom Optics”


Beverly Schwartzberg

University of California, Santa Barbara

Humanities & Fine Arts

“Grass Widows, Barbarians, and Bigamists: Fluid Marriage in Late Nineteenth-Century America”


Robin Douglas Knight

Princeton University

Biology & Life Sciences

“The Origin and Evolution of the Genetic Code”


Barry C. Burden

Ohio State University

Social Sciences

“Candidates’ Positions in Congressional Elections”


Duiliu-Emanual Diaconescu


Physical Science, Engineering and Mathematics

“D-Branes and Non-Perturbative Dynamics in String Theory”


Matthew Lawrence Albert

Rockefeller University

Biology & Life

“Resurrecting the Dead: Dendritic Cells Cross-present Aantigen Dervied from Apototoc Cell, and Induce Viral-and Tumor-specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes


Karen Redrobe Beckman

Princeton University

Humanities & Fine Arts

“Vanishing Women”


Kenneth  Tate Andrews

SUNY Stony Brook

Social Sciences

“Freedom is a Constant Struggle: The Dynamics and Consequences of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement”


Luis Lehner

University of Pittsburgh

Math/Physical Sciences

“Gravitational Radiation from Black Hole Space Times”


Firdaus Dhabhar

Rockefeller University

Biology/Life Sciences

“Stress Induced Enhancement of Antigen-Specific, Cell Mediated Immunity—The Role of Hormones and Leukocyte Trafficking”


Susan Behrends Frank

University of Iowa

Humanities/Fine Arts

“The Collaborations of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunel”


Alexandra Harmon

University of Washington

Humanities/Fine Arts

“A Different Kind of Indians: Negotiating the Meanings of “Indian” and “Tribe” in the Puget Sound Region, 1820’s – 1970’s”


James Christopher Clemens

University of Texas at Austin

Math/Physical Science/Engineering

“The Origin and Evolution of the White Dwarf Stars”


Stathis Kalyvas

University of Chicago

Social Sciences

“Religious Mobilization and Party Formation: Confessional Parties and the Christian Democratic Phenomenon”


Matthew Peter Anderson

University of Iowa

Biological Sciences

“The Function and Regulation of the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator”


James E. Hoch

University of Toronto

Humanities/Fine Arts

“Semitic Words in Egyptian Texts of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period”


Carlos Mastrangelo

University of California, Berkeley

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

“Thermal Applications of Microbridges”


Laura L. Stoker

University of Michigan

Social Sciences

Morality and the Study of Political Behavior


Jeffrey M. Werneke

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Biological Sciences

“Structure and Expression of Spinacea oleracea L. and Arabidopsis thaliana cDNAs Encoding Ribulosebiphosphate Carboxylase/oxygenase activase”


James I. Porter

University of California, Berkeley

Humanities/Fine Arts

“The Material Sublime: Towards a Reconstruction of a Materialist Critical Discourse and Aesthetics in Antiquity”


Leslie F. Greengard

Yale University

Mathematical/Physical Sciences

“The Rapid Evaluation of Potential Fields in Particle Systems”


James Holston

Yale University

Social Sciences

“The Modernist City: Architecture, Politics, and Society in Brasilia”


Timothy A. Johns

University of Michigan

Biological Sciences

“Chemical ecology of the Aymara of Western Bolivia: Selection for Glycoalkaloids in the Solanum x ajanhuiri Domestication Complex


David R. Lasocki

University of Iowa

Humanities/Fine Arts

“Professional Recorder Players in England, 1540-1740”


Christopher Gudeman

University of Wisconsin


“Microwave Spectroscopy of the Formyl Ion,d the Isoformyl Iion, the Thioformyl Ion and Hydrogen Cyanide”


John R. Merrill

University of Delaware

Social Sciences

“Internal Warfare in Korea, 1948-1950: The Local Setting of the Korean War”


Philip A. Hieter

Johns Hopkins University

Biological Sciences

“Evolution and Expression of Human Immunoglobulin in Light Chain Genes”