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Official statistical series are the most important source of statistical information for any country, providing scholars with indispensable primary material for economic and political research.

The African Offical Statistical Serials microfiche collection consists of general statistical compendia - economic, financial, social and demographic statistics - issued by the governments of nearly every African country, reflecting the political and economic development of the region. Few libraries have complete sets of these volumes in the original.

Service de la Statistique Générale: Statistique Générale de l'Algérie 1867-1925
1882-1896 not published. 1924 not available
41 microfiche Service Central de Statistique: Annuaire Statistique de l'Algérie 1926-1964
1961, 1962 not published
112 microfiche

Repartiçao de Estatística Geral: Anuario Estatístico 1933-1973
147 microfiche

Institut National de l'Analyse Economique: Annuaire Statistique 1965-1975
1966, 1968, 1970-1972, 1974 not available
16 microfiche

Central Statistics Office: Statistical Abstract 1966-1976
17 microfiche

Département des Etudes et Statistiques: Annuaire Statistique 1969-1975
9 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique et de la Comptabilité Nationale: Note Annuelle de Statistique 1973-1975
9 microfiche

Cape Verde Islands
Secçao de Estatística Geral: Annuario Estatístico 1933-1952
28 microfiche

Central African Republic
Direction de la Statistique et de la Conjoncture: Annuaire Statistique de la République Centrafricaine 1962
2 microfiche

Sous Direction de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques: Annuaire Statistique 1966-1975
1971, 1973 not published. 1967, 1968 not available
9 microfiche

Congo (formerly French Congo)
Service National de la Statistique, des Etudes Démographiques et Economiques: Annuaire Statistique 1958-1963, 1969
7 microfiche

Maslahat al-Ihsa wa-al-Ta'dad: Statistical Returns 1881-1897
1 microfiche

Annuaire Statistique 1901-1959
(Sheehy CG235)
317 microfiche

See also United Arab Republic

Central Statistical Office: Statistical Abstract 1963-1976
1973, 1974 not published
32 microfiche

French Equatorial Africa
Haut Commissariat: Annuaire Statistique de l'Afrique Equatoriale Française 1936-1955
8 microfiche

French West Africa
Direction des Services de la Statistique Générale et de la Mécanographie: Annuaire Statistique de l'Afrique Occidentale Française 1949-1954
22 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques: Rapport Annuel sur la Situation Economique, Financière et Sociale de la République Gabonaise 1961-1971
29 microfiche

Statistical Summary 1964-1968
4 microfiche

Ghana (formerly Gold Coast)
Central Bureau of Statistics: Statistical Year Book 1961-1970 (Sheehy CG128)
23 microfiche

Guinea-Bissau (formerly Portuguese Guinea)
Repartiçao Provincial dos Serviços de Economía e Estatística Geral: Anuario Estatístico 1947-1958
19 microfiche

Ivory Coast
Ministère du Plan: La Côte d'Ivoire en Chiffres:Annuaire Statistique de la Côte d'Ivoire 1975
3 microfiche

Kenya (formerly British East Africa)
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. Statistics Division: Statistical Abstract 1955-1976
52 microfiche

Lesotho (formerly Basutoland)
Bureau of Statistics: Annual Statistical Bulletin 1963-1973
12 microfiche

Census and Statistical Department: Statistical Abstract 1958-1974
55 microfiche

Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)
Service de Statistique Générale: Annuaire Statistique de Madagascar 1938-1951
2 microfiche

Malawi (formerly Nyasaland)
National Statistical Office: Compendium of Statistics 1965-1970
1967-1969 not published
4 microfiche

Malawi Statistical Yearbook 1972-1974
14 microfiche

Mali (formerly French Sudan)
Service de la Statistique Générale de la Comptabilité Nationale et de la Mécanographie: Annuaire Statistique de la République du Mali 1963-1973
1967 not published
25 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques: Annuaire Statistique 1968-1974
19 microfiche

Central Statistics Office: ar Book of Statistics 1946-1959
31 microfiche

Quarterly Digest of Statistics 1961-1966
21 microfiche

Bi-annual Digest of Statistics 1966-1976
28 microfiche

al'Maslahah al-Markaziyah lil-Ihsa 'iyat: Annuaire Statistique du Maroc 1925-1976 (Sheehy CG181)
1930, 1931 not available
103 microfiche

Repartiçao Técnica de Estatística: Anuario Estatístico/ Annuaire Statistique/Statistical Yearbook 1926-1973
290 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique: Annuaire Statistique 1962; 1967
5 microfiche

Federal Office of Statistics: Annual Abstract of Statistics 1960-1973
1962 not published
38 microfiche

Eastern Region. Statistics Division: Annual Statistical Digest 1963-1965
4 microfiche

Northern Region. Ministry of Economic Planning: Statistical Yearbook 1964-1966
9 microfiche

Western State. Statistics Division: Statistical Abstract 1959-1972
39 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique: Situation Economique du Sénégal 1962-1976
1969, 1973 not available
33 microfiche

Sierra Leone
Central Statistics Office: Annual Statistical Digest 1968-1976
1972-1975 not published
10 microfiche

Central Statistical Department: Koobaha Istatistikada/ Statistical Abstract 1964-1973
21 microfiche

South Africa
Office of Census and Statistics: Union Statistics for Fifty Years: Jubilee Issue, 1910-1960 (Sheehy CG212)
5 microfiche

Department of Statistics: Statistical Year Book 1964-1966
23 microfiche

South African Statistics 1968-1976 (Sheehy CB210)
39 microfiche

Spanish Sahara
Secretário General: Sahara Espanol: Anuario Estadístico 1948-1950
8 microfiche

Central Statistical Office: Annual Statistical Bulletin 1966-1976
1969 not published
16 microfiche

Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar)
East Africa High Commission. East African Statistical Department. Tanganyika Office: Statistical Abstract 1938-1970 (Sheehy CG222)
1953, 1967-1969 not published
28 microfiche

Direction de la Statistique: Annuaire Statistique du Togo 1966-1973
15 microfiche

Direction des Affaires Economiques: Statistique Générale de la Tunisie 1913-1939
107 microfiche

Service des Statistiques: Annuaire Statistique de la Tunisie 1940-1971
56 microfiche

Statistics Division: Statistical Abstract 1957-1973
1972 not available
32 microfiche

United Arab Republic
Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics: Statistical Handbook of the United Arab Republic 1952-1971
32 microfiche

Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo)
Statistiques Relatives à l'Année . . . 1957 and 1959
3 microfiche

Central Statistical Office: Statistical Yearbook 1967-1971 (Sheehy CG244)
1967 not available
12 microfiche

Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia)
Department of Statistics: Official Yearbook of the Colony of Southern Rhodesia containing General Information and Statistics no. 1, 1924-no. 4, 1952
34 microfiche

Statistical Yearbook of Southern Rhodesia: The Official Annual of the Social and Economic Conditions of the Colony 1938 and 1947
5 microfiche


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