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Format: Guide free with collection.
Media: 334 105 x 148mm microfiche
Coverage Dates: 334 105 x 148mm microfiche

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"An outstanding achievement.... [The Chicorel volumes] are clear, logical, self-explanatory, and a delight to use. Together with the countless helpful cross-references, they defy even the dullest researcher not to find the data he seeks on the first try."

--Desiree DeCharms,
Music Librarian,
Kent State University

Out of print for many years, the unique Chicorel Index Series is now available on microfiche from UMI®. These valuable reference and acquisition tools cover a wide variety of subjects in the humanities and the social sciences.

The Chicorel Index Series is one of the most comprehensive systems for speedy retrieval of important bibliographic information on biographies, crafts, environment, ecology, film, literature, health sciences, literature and criticism, mental health, music, performing arts, parapsychology, plays, poetry, reading, learning disabilities, spoken arts, theater, urban planning, environmental design, videotapes, and cassettes.

The series is organized to avoid duplication, and the indexes direct the user to a wide variety of books, collections, anthologies, and indexing and abstracting services. Volumes are arranged with multiple access points grouped within one alphabetical subject index for fast location of information. Available indexes include:


  • Indexes to Poetry in Anthologies and Collections in Print
  • Index to Poetry in Anthologies and Collections: Retrospective
  • Index to Short Stories in Anthologies and Collections
  • Indexes to Literary Criticism: Poetry and Poets
  • Bibliography to the Performing Arts
  • Indexes to Film Literature
  • Theater Index to Plays in Periodicals
  • Index to Biographies
  • Indexes to Literary Criticism: Prose
  • Index to Poetry in Collections on Discs, Tapes, and Cassettes
  • Index to the Spoken Arts on Discs, Tapes, and Cassettes
  • Theater Index to Drama: Literature
  • Index to Plays in Anthologies and Periodicals
  • Index to Plays for Young People in Periodicals, Anthologies, and Collections


Complete Bibliographic Information All indexes in the Chicorel Index Series offer information chosen with care. Below are two examples.


  • Index to Biographies: A comprehensive index to biographies of contemporary and historical figures worldwide. Multiple access points with listings under the name, occupation, or significant activities, nationality, and historical period of the biographee. Complete bibliographic information is included.
  • Indexes to Literary Criticism--Prose: Includes subjects from ballads to haiku, from teaching techniques to criticism, and covers all relevant literature. Bibliographic information listed includes history, writing, and biography.

Space-saving and efficient, this series is a valuable addition to any library's literature and performing arts collection.

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