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Format: Silver
Media: 1,155 reels of 35mm microfilm
Coverage Dates: 1866-1986
Sources Covered: 72

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These serial titles on microfilm represent a wide range of Jewish publishing from the 1860s to the 1980s. In seven languages and from fifteen countries, they represent a diverse image of world Jewry.

Each title is available separately. Please contact your ProQuest representative for more information.


Dos Abend-Blatt (New York, 1894-1902)

Der Arbeyter (New York, 1904-1911)

Der Folksadvokat (New York, 1888-1925)

Der Folksfraynd (Pittsburgh, 1892-1923)

Fraye arbiter shtime (New York, 1890-1892, 1899-1977)

Der Idisher zshurnal (Toronto, 1915-1959)

Der Morgen zshurnal (New York, 1906-1953)

Di Naye varhayt (New York, Mar. 14-Nov. 19, 1925)

Der Tog (New York, 1952-1971)

Vokhnblat (Toronto, 1924-1978)

Brazilyaner idishe prese (Rio de Janeiro, 1927-1929)

Bronzvil un Ist Nuyork progress (Brooklyn, 1923-1925)

Byalistoker shtime (New York, 1921-??)

Farn folk (New York, 1923-1927)

Der Hamer (New York, 1926-1939)

Havaner lebn (Havana, 1932-1958)

Haynt (Warsaw, 1923-1939)

Di Idishe arbeyter shtime (New York, 1914-1947)

Di Idishe bekers shtime (New York, 1917-1960)

Di Idishe tsaytung (Buenos Aires, 1923-1973)

Idisher advokat (Cape Town, 1904-1914)

Der Keneder id (Winnipeg, 1911-1915)

Der Keneder odler (Montreal, 1908-1966)

Kinder zshurnal (New York, 1920-1974)

Mizrahi veg (New York, 1936-1959)

Dos Naye leben (New York, 1908-1914)

Di Naye tsayt (New York, 1914-1916)

Dos Naye vort (Boston, 1914-1932)

Di Nyu-yorker yudishe folkstsaytung (New York, 1886-1889)

Der Veg (Mexico City, 1931-1950)

“Dos Vort” bibliotek (New York, 1934-1958)

Yidishes tageblatt (New York, 1906-1928)

Yudishe gazeten (New York, 1890-1928)

Hedger voyrker (New York, 1917-1918, 1926-1929)

Idisher farmer (New York, 1911-1959)



The American Hebrew (New York, 1894-1902)

Answer (New York, 1943-1948)

B’nai B’rith, Supreme Lodge: General Convention Summary (Washington, 1868-1935, 1950)

Brooklyn Jewish Chronicle (Brooklyn, 1923-1925)

The Chicago Chronicle (Chicago, 1922-1928)

Chicago Jewish Chronicle (Chicago, 1928-1949)

Hebrew Orphan Asylum: Report of the Annual Meeting (New York, 1963-1930)

The Jewish Guardian (London, 1919-1931)

The Jewish Record (San Antonio, Texas, 1924-1932)

Jewish Review (New York, 1939-1949)

Jewish Sentiment (Atlanta, 1897-1901)

Jewish Social Service Association: Annual Report (New York, 1874/5, 1915/16, 1922, 1935-1944)

Jewish Standard (Jersey City, 1932-1949)

Sentinel (New York, 1944-1946)

Voice (Yonkers, New York, 1936-1942)

Young Israel (Cincinnati, 1918-1940)

Zionist Review (London, 1917-1952)

Pioneer Woman (New York, 1926-1986)



Antisemitische Correspondenz (Leipzig, 1888-1903)

Deutsch-soziale Blätter (Leipzig, 1890-1916)

Israelitisches Familienblatt (Hamburg, 1908-1921, 1925-1928)

Israelitisch-theologische: Lehranstalt Jahresbericht (Vienna, 1893-1932)

Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in der Cechoslovakischen Republik (Prague, 1929-1938)

Ost und West (Berlin, 1901-1923)

Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus: Mittheilungen (Berlin, 1891-1906)

Zionist Congress: Stenographisches Protokoll serVerhandlungen des Zionistenkongresses (Berlin, 1897-1933)



Kol yisrael (Jerusalem, 1923-1936, incomplete)

Mishar ve-ta’asiyah (Tel Aviv, 1923-1933)

ha-Shiloah (Berlin, 1896-1927)

Yediot Tel-Aviv (Tel Aviv, 1921-1949)



Izraelita (Warsaw, 1866-1913)



Cahiers juifs (Paris, 1933-1936)

Comité des Delegations Juives: Bulletin (Paris, 1919-1925)

La Terre retrouvée (Paris, 1931-1949)



Mult és jövo (Budapest, 1911-1944)



Israel (Buenos Aires, 1924-1935)



Zidovské zprávy (Prague, 1931-1936)

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