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Format: Printed Guide included free with orders for the complete collection
Media: silver halide microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1918-1949
Sources Covered: 1,428

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Chronicling the political and social crises that led to the rise of National Socialism in Germany, this microfiche collection contains titles published by various National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) organizations and their precursors, as well as titles from publishers sympathetic to the Nazi Party.

Documents in the collection range from administrative reports of the Third Reich to mass-market propaganda, including pamphlets, popular magazines, and booklets. Topics include the establishment of Nazi organs, the implementation of pre-Weimar Nazi policy, and the postwar dismantling of the Party organizations. Please click here for a full list of titles.

The collection includes numerous politically influenced training manuals from the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (workers’ and employers’ union), texts of NSDAP-inspired laws, legal commentaries, and handbooks, and materials concerning German-occupied and annexed territories. Also included are publications from anti-Nazi organizations or commentators who opposed Nazism--both during and after the collapse of the Third Reich.

Many works address the image and politics of Adolf Hitler. Some are attributed to Hitler himself; others, to major Nazi Party and Third Reich figures. After World War II, much of this material was destroyed, so many of the documents in the collection are rare. About twenty percent of the publications are the only copies known to exist; the remainder exist in limited numbers.

Organized by topic, the collection is an historical record of the propaganda, financial, and social apparatus supporting the Nazi regime. In the Printed Guide to the collection, each section is introduced by James H. Spohrer, Librarian for the Germanic Collections at the University of California, Berkeley. MARC records are available for this collection.

The following subsets are available from this collection:

  • National Socialism
  • The SS, the SA, the Wehrmacht: Militarism and Defense
  • Economic and Social Conditions
  • Politics, Government, Foreign Affairs
  • Regions and Regional Politics
  • Occupied, Disputed, and Annexed Territories
  • Volkstum, Bauerntum, Land Reform
  • Race, Eugenics, Antisemitism
  • The Family, Women, Children
  • Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Labor and Trades, Including Labor Law
  • Laws, Commentaries, Courts, Jurisdictions, Local Government
  • Commerce, Business, Industry, Management
  • Education and Professional Training
  • History, Philosophy, Literature
  • Anti-Fascist Movements, Church and State Issues
  • The Aftermath of National Socialism and Postwar Reconstruction

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